Diamond Bear's "Big Rock Root Beer" Bottled, Ready To Roll

In Little Rock, you can probably count the number of locally-produced soft drinks on one hand. And with the increasing number of breweries popping up around town, it’s refreshing to see one joint giving some attention to such beverages.
Diamond Bear Brewing Co. began producing their popular “Big Rock Root Beer” back in 2002. It’s been a favorite of Diamond Bear regulars for years, but until recently it was mostly confined to the brewery and a handful of restaurants that served the liquid on tap. This was a problem for anyone jonesing for a root beer float from the comfort of their own home.
But recently, Diamond Bear began making root beer dreams come true…they’re bottling the stuff and selling it at a number of retail locations across the region. It’s only been in production for a few weeks, so you may not have seen the stuff in stores, but I imagine as popularity for the beverage continues to grow, you’ll begin to see it popping up all over the place.
In truth, I’ve never been a huge fan of root beer in general, but there’s something distinct about Diamond Bear’s version that makes it completely addictive. Prior to their current bottle operation, I bought the stuff by the growlerful and hoarded it like liquid gold in my fridge. It’s a soft drink produced with all natural flavors and pure cane sugar. It’s not too sweet and not too carbonated, making for a smooth, light beverage that’s easy on the tongue. There’s beautiful anise note, too, that really sets the flavor apart from any grossly inferior commercially-produced generic root beer product.
I reached out to Diamond Bear to get a list of locations you’re currently able to find their Big Rock Root Beer. Surprisingly, there’s a good number of locations to get yourself hooked up. Here’s just a few, be sure to sample some as soon as possible:
The Green Corner Store, Stratton Market, Edward’s Food Giant, Hamburger Barn, Kent Walker Artisan Cheese, Mylo Coffee Co., Ugo’s Pizza, Brick Oven Brewery & Pizza Co., Pig B Chik, EJ’s Eats & Drinks, Lake Liquor, Glazer’s, Jolly Roger, Bypass Liquor, Tobacco Superstore, Enterprise Liquor, Ace Liquor, Springhill Wine & Spirits, Salute Fine Wine, The Parkside Public, Rack-Um.

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