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It is no secret, we love food trucks. Over the past three years we have put together our annual, and now monthly, food truck events in Bryant. So now we decided to take the truck experience a step further this month at our July 20th food truck event.
The cooking abilities of many of the truck owners has always impressed me. In fact many we have had over the years have gone on to either start a brick and mortar restaurant or work as a top chef in one. However due to the logistics of a truck, many of them never get to really showcase all of their food talents.
Trucks are limited in cooking space and storage. So they are always facing the balance of cooking great food and things that sell well based on the audience. Most of the owners have cooking abilities that go far beyond their menu.
For the first time we are working with truck owners to create a separate, sit down, three course meal as a part of our monthly food truck meet. Three truck owners and one awesome pie lady are going to cook us courses that they have never before offered on their truck, aimed at showcasing their culinary talent. We hope that each month we will be able to work in different trucks in different courses to give an example of what all of them can contribute to the food scene.
The menu will consist of Hot Rod Wieners on appetizer, Fork in the Road on the main course, Honey Pies for dessert with a special pairing from Kincaid’s Coffee.
Each of the trucks will also set up and sell their regular menu at our food truck event on Wednesday July 20th from 4:30-8 at Bryant First Methodist Church. Because of this we are keeping space intentionally limited. Tickets are only $40 and only 20 seats are available, and we expect them to fill quickly, so do not wait. The trucks are currently developing their dishes based on what local produce will be available in a couple of weeks.
The indoor dinner starts at 6 and along with your dinner water and soft drinks will be available. We will introduce you to each food truck chef who will tell you a bit about their truck and the dish they prepared.
We look forward to having you all out, and especially look forward to bringing a very special food truck experience.
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Greg Henderson
Author: Greg Henderson

Owner/Publisher - Rock City Eats, Rock City Life, Rock City Times

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