Heritage Catering Set to Launch in February

Restaurants across the state have seen a huge boost in quality over the past several years. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for catering companies. Aside from a handful of standouts, the catering only landscape by and large has has seen relatively little increase in quality.
Soon to open Heritage Catering should change all that by bringing a strong culinary background, a focus on fresh ingredients, and well refined recipes to the market.
Owners Kim and Shane Henderson (no relation to me) certainly have the background to make things successful. I’ve known both for a while and their level of food knowledge is some of the best in the state.
The focus of Heritage will be to bring elevated southern cuisine into homes, corporate events, and gatherings. They are starting with a number of well refined family recipes paired with well sourced ingredients.
“We believe that memories are made around dinner tables. For catering events they are some of the most important moments in your life and your company,” Kim Henderson explains. “From your wedding to an important corporate retreat, we want to make sure that the food is as memorable as the moment. Our past experiences, family traditions and new memories are what heritage is all about. That is why we are starting with a number of recipes that have been passed down generations combined with quality ingredients.”

Both also know the catering landscape well, working at Simply the Best Catering in the past, which is easily the current bright spot in local catering. In addition both bring catering experience through long careers in the field.
One of the big things they want to bring is online ordering, which for some unexplained reason does not exists currently with local catering. They want to make it easy to go online, build a catering menu, and set up a time and location. It takes a lot of the hassle out of catering.
As someone who spent three years booking multiple catering orders a week, I can tell you this will be a huge benefit. To say the current method of faxing or calling in a catering order, often with access to only out of date menus, is a cluster would be an understatement. This should move the landscape forward.
Heritage is looking at a mid-February opening where they will be located on Bowman curve at 315 N. Bowman Ave. Ste. 2, which is the old LuLu’s Rotisserie location. Eventually they hope to have a full set of grab and go items available from pickup in the store front as well. 
To kick things off we are also looking at holding a special dinner with Heritage in February. We will have more details about that soon.

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