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The fix? Mostly because 90% of our audience is in the Little Rock area weekly. It makes more sense than wasting $25 on a gift card to a place like El Dorado that a good portion of our audience does not visit annually. But feel free to throw out the conspiracy theories.

... Greg Henderson

Donnie – Oddly enough there are more women’s sports at UALR than mens currently:
Mens: Basketball, Baseball, Golf, and Track (4)
Womens: Basketball, Golf, Soccer, Swimming, Track, Volleyball (6)

Additionally they could easily swap the dance team to be a competitive cheerleading team and add a 7th sport.

It is a part of the charter, along with a number of other stipulations. Most notably that they could not have on-campus housing, UA feared back in the day that students would go to UALR if offered housing. UA has since relaxed that agreement and UALR has several campus housing options now.

So there is a precedence for UA removing previous stipulations.