Underrated Places: Milford Track

Where: Milford Track (10809 Executive Center Dr., Plaza 2)
The Restaurant: Milford Track is possibly the most hidden of all hidden gems in all of Little Rock. This small deli/office building restaurant is located in the basement of Plaza 2 in the Westlake office buildings.
The Atmosphere: While the inside will remind you of every office building sandwich shop you’ve ever seen, the outside patio is a wonderful place to dine during the warmer months. With a large pond as your backdrop, this relaxed setting is perfect for a long business lunch or a nice outing with friends.
The Service: The service is attentive and friendly, but if you’re actually dining at Milford Track (and not calling in an order) expect a longer than usual wait for your food, especially if you select the made-to-order fresh pasta. From my experience, if you’re looking for a fast lunch, Milford Track probably isn’t the best choice.
The Food: The menu at Milford Track is huge! They offer over 20+ sandwiches, including a Philly chicken, blackened chicken, classic BLT, club, and turkey melt, as well as six different fresh pastas with eight choices of sauce. My favorite is the spinach pasta with pepper garlic sauce and roasted vegetables. Milford also prepares a variety of burgers and salads, as well as cookies, brownies, muffins, pies, fresh fruit and house-made granola. In the mood for breakfast? Milford offers a full menu during the morning hours, including pancakes, croissants, a breakfast burrito, French toast, omelets, and hash browns. Finally, keep an eye on the website, as Milford offers daily specials.
The Price: This place is inexpensive. Expect to get out of there for under $10 a person, and that’s probably at the high end of things. Just to give you an idea … a bacon burger with cheese is $7.50.
The Verdict: If you have the time, Milford Track is well worth the wait. While all of the food has been solid during my visits, the pasta is certainly the signature item on the menu and the one dish that truly separates this restaurant from just about any other office deli in the country. If it’s difficult for you to make it over to Milford Track during the week, know that limited Saturday hours are also available.
The Info: Open Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.; Saturday 11 a.m.-2 p.m. (501-223-2257)

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