Promotion from Rock City

From day one at Rock City we leveraged small business marketing expertise to create a program with higher engagement, higher return, and at a lower price than any other outlet. The result was a 5,000% return on investment over even our closest competitor.

The advertising and marketing world continues to evolve, and we are evolving as well. So we decided to rebuild our marketing packages from the ground up to make them even better while planning for upcoming changes to the advertising industry.

For restaurants, this means a carefully planned and integrated system that will continue to evolve over time dramatically increasing the return while lowering the barrier of entry to promote your business. 

For events we can tap into our ever growing database and build custom landing pages on the fly along with promoting the event information. It allows the event to reach more people while building the return to event vendors. 

Finally, for other businesses it allows us to highly segment and reach targeted audiences in a more organic way building a stronger connection between your brand and the audience you are trying to reach.


Restaurant Marketing Pricing