RIP Damgoode Pies

A few weeks ago Damgoode Pies announced they would be closing their original Kavanaugh location. Not long after that announcement we began to hear rumors swirling that they would shut the Cantrell location, and along with it the brand as we know it (the Fayetteville location is owned and operated by a different group now), before the end of the month.

This morning Damgoode founder Jeff Trine posted a short video confirming that he is indeed closing after around 22 years in the business. Trine cited increased losses following COVID and his young daughter that he wants to spend more time with as the main reasons for the decision.

Damgoode certainly earned its place in the local pizza scene. While they never attempted to be the fanciest pizza, it was a solid staple in our household and others around town. It was one of the few local places that delivered without the use of a third party delivery service. It was absolutely an old school pizza joint, but at least in our experience (and we ordered from there a lot) it was consistent, even if we do miss the quality difference from the Kavanaugh location.

Damgoode Pies will send out their last pizza on Wednesday night, shutting down after that. It was a good run … maybe even a Damgoode run …

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