Start Strong

Helping New Small Business Reach Profitability Quickly

Most small businesses fail within the first year of opening. Often it is not because of the concept, but because those businesses are at the highest amount of debt, the fewest number of loyal customers, and the highest cost to acquire new customers. 

It is why we launched our Start Strong program. After working in various capacity with hundreds of small business in the state at this critical point, we have been able to identify a number of things we can offer a new business to help them gain attention, convert that reach to sales, and convert individual sales to customers who keep coming back. Combined it can help a new business reach profitability quicker, which increases the chances of success.


Get in front of potential customers.

Press Release/Media Outreach

We build a professional press release announcing the new business, get it out to the appropriate media channels, and manage media relations.

Opening Story

We will come in and do a first look story through Rock City Eats to reach an even broader audience.

Grand Opening Event

We will help coordinate a grand opening event and ribbon cutting to generate out of the gate attention.


Get customers in the door

Social Media Influence

Once you are open we will create an influence campaign to help promote the business through our extensive social media channels within the first 3 months of opening.

Rock City Advertising

We will build a six month advertising campaign to run on Rock City Eats along with premium placement in our restaurant guide. 



Keep them Coming Back

Marketing Training

We sit down with your owners/managers/staff that you want to handle daily marketing and teach them the basics of running social media and email marketing campaigns from your accounts. 

Marketing Photoshoot

Finally, we schedule a photoshoot of your products and space to build an asset library of professional photos you can use to help market your business going forward. 


Our systematic approach allows us to continue to grow our Start Strong program by analyzing and identifying how we can impact the opening of a business. By standardizing the approach we can offer the program at a price that presents the best return on investment possible. Even better, we can offer the program for free for our Rock City Commercial customers who allow us to represent them in finding a location for their business. 

$3,500 - New Small Businesses


Free - Rock City Commercial Customers

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