10 Worst Restaurant Parking Lots in Little Rock

It’s been a full year, so I figured it was time to re-visit, and of course, poke a little fun at some of our less than stellar lots in town. Hey, as much as I criticize them, at least these restaurants do offer some form of parking, which is more than I can say for many of the downtown establishments. Also, this list is strictly based on parking and has absolutely nothing to do with food. So, without further adieu, here are the 10 Worst Parking Restaurant Parking Lots in Little Rock.
Boulevard Bistro & Bar
This small lot with angled spots is a nightmare. Add to the equation a prime location right in the heart of the Heights, along with added popularity from its recent dinner service, and you have yourself a parking lot that could provide some potential headaches
Yellow Rocket’s popular Heights pizzeria somehow only received an honorable mention on last year’s list, but when a car ends up on your front porch after backing up, that tends to bump you up a bit. Thankfully, no one was injured, but freak accident aside, this parking lot is a complete cluster-f.
Here’s how I described Vino’s parking lot last year: “But let’s get one thing straight … this parking lot is a complete shit storm of potholes, cracks, broken concrete and loose gravel that are all sure to wreak havoc on your car’s suspension.” Yeah, that description ain’t changing anytime soon. Let’s just say Vino’s lot has a ton of “character.”
True story, I once tried to exit Trio’s parking lot and somehow ended up in a bank’s drive-thru. My idiocy aside, this lot lands on the list due to the one-way traffic, Trio’s popularity, and surrounding business that create a steady flow of cars.
Any Place on Cantrell (inside 430)
Lawd! They are ripping up Cantrell left and right and part of the construction has really affected how you get in and out of certain lots. Gravelly entry ways, poor sight lines, and just an overall messy look is currently jacking up things for many restaurants.
David’s Burgers (Markham location)
I hate David’s parking lot as much as I love their burgers. The darn thing is on a hill and has two entry points from two very busy streets (Bowman and Markham). That means cars are coming from every direction. Fortunately, once you’re inside, endless fries have a way of dissipating all of life’s parking horrors.
Frontier Diner
Frontier Diner is located just off a feeder road on the side of I-30. Its parking lot apparently fills up fast for during lunch service. You will probably end up parking in the side area, which isn’t all that bad, unless it’s raining. Expect puddles …and lots of them.
Chick-fil-A (University and Markham)
Didn’t I read this is the highest grossing restaurant in Little Rock? People love them some Chick-fil-A, and this insane popularity means cars can be backed up all the way out to Markham. This does not make for a happy parking lot.
Kobe Japanese Steakhouse/Lenny’s Sub Shop/Starbucks
I’ve still yet to eat at Kobe, and my visits to Lenny’s are next to never, but if you do frequent these spots, you know why this makes our list. BEWARE! The lot is always busy and has a fairly sharp curve right in the middle, making it difficult to see other cars. The spaces are tight and there is a constant flow of traffic due to the quick in-and-out nature of the shops.
The Faded Rose/Maddie’s Place
What they lack in parking, both TFR and Maddie’s Place make up for with fantastic shrimp and grits. This lot is too damn tight, and because these restaurants are very popular, expect a ton of cars to be occupying the spaces throughout business hours. The trick? While not technically designated spots, I always park in the side area by the trees.
Honorable Mentions: Bossa Nova, Pizza D, Burge’s, El Palenque, Pizzeria at Terry’s, The Pantry (WLR), Red Door

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