1836's New Bar Menu Leans Hard on Great Bottles and Classic Cocktails

A few weeks ago we covered some changes on the food side of the 1836 Club, now they are rolling out a new bar menu to complement it. In a space with two bars, the drinks have always been a strong point at the club, the newest menu is no different.
If you have not been in, the club features two bars, each with a unique feel. The downstairs bar recently won the American Society of Interior Designers design award. The upstairs pilot’s lounge features a fuselage from a Boeing 737 as the front along with a number of aviation-themed elements.
1836 began the process of carefully curating whiskeys a few years back, and since then they have expanded the program even more. The club is showcasing these whiskeys in a big way by offering weekly whiskey flights featuring three high-end whiskeys each week that are often hard to find around town. Aside from that, you will find a who’s who of whiskey brands that are distributed in Arkansas on the shelves, including rare bottles.
On the wine side, they take equal care in curation with some great bottles and even a solid 24-25 available by the glass including some great wines. The wine list is also a great mix of low, mid, and upper mid-range bottles available with a good variety in styles and geography.

The cocktail list leans heavy on classic cocktails. They have a great selection of mules, old fashioned, daiquiris, and martinis that are various riffs on each.
I appreciated the approachable take on a few spirit heavy cocktails, especially with the old fashioned. It is a nice way to introduce someone to a heavier spirit without being overwhelming. It makes for a flexible bar that accommodates a wide range of customers. It plays well into their evolving clientele and balances the strong availability of high-end whiskeys that will come out neat or on the rocks.
The 1836 Club is open Monday-Friday for members and their guests. They have two bars and great happy hour specials available.
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