20 Delicious Dishes in Little Rock Under $10

Are you looking to save a few bucks but don’t want to sacrifice quality? Then this list is for you! In Little Rock, we have plenty of delicious dishes for under $10. You just have to know where to look. Fortunately, we’ve done all the work for you. But first, a few parameters … all dishes below are under $10 (before taxes), no appetizers, no desserts, no soups, no salads, no sandwiches, and no burgers.  Everything else is fair game. Here we go!
1. Dumplings at Three Fold Noodles & Dumpling Co. ($8.69)
From what I can tell, these dumplings–whether pork, chicken, or vegetables–are universally adored. Also, at under $9, you’re looking at a reasonably-priced dish that not only satisfies but keeps you full for hours on end.

Dumplings at Three Fold
Dumplings at Three Fold

2. Yogurt Plate at Layla’s ($9.99)
Layla’s Yogurt Plate makes the list by one measly penny. This dish is comprised of either gyro or chicken served with a yogurt broth, mushrooms and onions, and turmeric rice, along with a side salad. It’s easily one of the most underrated dishes in Little Rock.
3. Sushi Bento at Igibon ($7.95)
Has the quality at Igibon tailed off a bit? Maybe. Is the service spotty at times? Probably. But a $7.95 bento box (lunch only 11AM-2PM) that includes: three pieces of sushi, soup, salad, crab puff, vegetable tempura, and two pieces of California roll, tends to hide other glaring weaknesses.
4. Red Beans and Rice at The Oyster Bar ($6.75)
Simply put, this is the absolute best deal in town. The Oyster Bar’s endless bowls of red beans and rice (available all day on Mondays) is not for the faint of heart. While the focus is on the delicious RB&R, it’s the complimentary bread that will end up being your demise.
5. Spicy Chicken and Dumplings at The Southern Gourmasian ($8.50)
One of my favorite dishes in town is only $8.50. That’s a deal! This rice cake dumpling dish with shiitake mushrooms, onions, and black bean chile is what really helped put this food truck turned brick-and-mortar on the map.
6. Goulash Beef Stew at The Pantry ($9.50)
It’s only available at the WLR location during the lunch service, although a similar dish called Goulash (with potato dumplings and pickled red onions) can be had for dinner at The Pantry Crest. (no longer available)
7. Sauteed Mushrooms with Oyster Sauce at Fantastic China ($5.75)
As you can see, Fantastic China’s lunch special is quite inexpensive, but also adequately portioned for a lite lunch plate and crazy tasty. It comes with a cup of soup, rice, and a spring roll.
Smoky Bean Nacho Skillet at HTT
Smoky Bean Nacho Skillet at HTT

8. Smoky Bean Nacho Skillet at Heights Taco & Tamale Co. ($9.50)
I know what you’re thinking…. “Shalin, nachos = app.” Nope, the ones at HTT are a meal. You save a few bucks and calories by going sans meat with this mean option, but the heavy hand of cheese will surely help fill you up.
9. 3-Piece Catfish Dinner at Brewster’s 2 Café ($7.99)
Brewsters serves up simple, no frills fried catfish with two sides and bread. I recommend going with the purple hull peas and yams, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the sides.
10. Small Pho at Pho Thanh My ($7.95)
You have several protein options you can choose from but the key decision is ordering a small size, as it’s a great value and will still fill you up. And no, I don’t really consider pho a soup. It eats more like a meal.
11. Crawfish Etouffee at The Faded Rose ($9.75)
The $9.75 price is only available during lunch service, as they give you a lunch portion. But damn, it’s still a sizeable bowl of absolutely delicious crawfish etouffee.
12. Nachos Supreme at El Palenque ($7.99)
This is another insane value given the sheer volume of food on your plate. A mountain of chips is covered in cheese sauce and topped with chicken and all the standard nacho fixings. Trust me on this one. I only order this dish once a year for fear of dying of a heart attack afterwards.
Pizza at Vino's
Pizza at Vino’s

13. Vino’s Special at Vino’s ($6.45)
It’s damn hard to beat a piece of Vino’s pizza, salad, and a drink for only $6. We all know the pizza is great, but the salad is very underrated menu option.
14. Carne Asada, Platanos, Arroz Y Frijoles at Rosalinda’s ($9.50)
Every component of this plate is fantastic. You can expect a great value with just about any dish on Rosalinda’s menu, but none is better than this one.
15. Veggie Plate at Bobby’s Country Cookin’ ($7.00)
Just about everything on Bobby’s menu is under $10, but if you’re looking for a lighter option at the restaurant, lean towards the 4 Vegetable Plate (comes with roll or cornbread). It won’t wow you, but also won’t disappoint.
16. Hot Tamale Platter at Izzy’s ($9.89)
Here’s another dish that falls right under the $10 mark. Izzy’s does a more-than-respectable job with their tamales, and if you’ve never tried them (and you love a traditional version), give them a go.
Burrito at Baja Grill
Burrito at Baja Grill

17. Cuban Burrito at Baja Grill ($9.50)
This was the first really good burrito I ever ate in Arkansas. And three years later, it’s still as consistent as ever. A flour tortilla is filled with shredded pork, slaw, fresco cheese, rice, and black beans, then topped with an addictive cheese sauce. Doesn’t hurt it’s also beautiful.
18. Tofu Scrambler at The Root Café ($6.25)
Don’t be fooled, it’s actually tofu and not scrambled eggs. Your waistline and heart will thank you. It’s comes with a side of greens and like everything else at The Root, expect it to be delicious.
19. Veggie Pot Pie at South on Main ($9.00)
Currently available on SoM’s seasonal lunch menu, the veggie pot pie comes with a sweet potato crust and seasonal root vegetables.
Pad Thai at kBird
Pad Thai at kBird

20. Tofu Pad Thai at kBird ($9.00)
You can get chicken for a $1 more. Either way, you’ll be eating not only one of the best Thai dishes in the area, but one of the best dishes, period. And don’t worry about the spiciness, the level is up for you to decide.
Other excellent options: Breakfast Tacos at The Fold (one each {3} for $8), Simply 600 at Green Leaf Grill ($6.49-$6.89), Pizza Special at NYPD Pizza ($6.00: slice, salad, drink {lunch only}), 10 Wings at Lazy Pete’s ($8.50), Vermicelli Bowl at Mike’s Café ($7.50-$8.95).

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