20 Places in Little Rock to Cater Your Next Event or Party

Whether you are planning a meal for a wedding, baby shower, church function or office lunch, there is a wealth of local options to fulfill your catering needs. We’ve compiled a list of local businesses and eateries that cater food. Below, you’ll find 20 businesses in central Arkansas that you should consider when catering food for your next event.
Daddy’s Deli – The ever-dependable Daddy’s Deli will be the first to tell you that no job is too large or too small for them to handle. With 28 years of experience under their belts, the folks here are willing to bring anything from box lunches to hors d’oeuvrs to birthday parties, open houses, or even anniversary parties. These are the same folks behind Events! Catering, a premiere catering company with expertly trained staff. At Daddy’s Deli, you can expect items such as the orange cranberry pork tenderloin, plum roasted beef brisket and basil pesto tortellini.
Phone Number: (501) 225-0665
Email: daddysdeli@gmail.com
Diane’s – Diane’s is your one-stop shop for all of your catering needs. With catering options for large parties or intimate dinners, Diane’s has been serving clients everywhere for more than 35 years. If you find yourself at the 4,000 sq.ft. brick-and-mortar store, located at 11121 North Rodney Parham in Little Rock, you’ll find some quick and convenient options for as few as two people, which is great for grabbing and sending to a friend who has just moved into a new home or for taking home to enjoy for yourself. Diane’s also has a wealth of options when it comes to their gift baskets. There are several different gift baskets, many of which are filled with snacks, smoked meats and other savory goodies. The catering menu features a variety of casseroles, homemade soups and various entrees.
Phone Number: (501) 224-2639
Rx Catering – As the name suggests, this company was founded by former pharmaceutical representatives and executive chefs. With additional locations in Washington D.C., Birmingham, Ala. and Baltimore, Md., the folks behind Rx Catering have experience working with a diverse client base. You can order online and select food from an array of menus including breakfast foods like pastries and java boxes, party trays, fish, chicken and other hot entrees. Rx Catering boasts more than half a century of experience — according to their website, they’ve been in business for more than 60 years.
Phone Number: (501) 221-3929
Chef Shuttle – While probably best known for its residential delivery of restaurant food, Chef Shuttle has options for those looking to cater food beyond the home. The folks at Chef Shuttle promise to deliver your order accurately and on-time. According to its website, Chef Shuttle will have all the essentials needed to complete your event. This includes beverages, cups, ice, plates, napkins, utensils and serving pieces. Chef Shuttle is also great for group ordering situations. You and your coworkers can each place your own order for complete customization. You can place your order as early as 30 days in advance.
Phone Number: (501) 712-8700
RSVP Catering – When you have been in the Little Rock market for more than 42 years, you must be doing something right. RSVP Catering promises to take care of every detail of your catered event, including choosing the best locations, setting-up and decorating the space. Maybe you’ve had a long week and just want to be treated to a nice meal. RSVP Catering will have you covered, as they have some great take-home options so you don’t have to grab any groceries or cook any food. RSVP Catering is prepared to handle everything from light breakfast for a small office or hearty meals for the masses. With an extensive hors d’oeuvres menu and great selections for lunch and dinner, you won’t find a bad choice here. Make sure you provide a 48-hour notice on all orders.
Phone Number: (501) 225-9594
Simply the Best – With ever-changing seasonal menus, Simply the Best know how to keep it fresh with their clients. For the 2015 Spring/Summer menu, items such as chicken salad on Hawaiian rolls, pork carnitas and chicken parmesan meatballs.
Phone Number: (501) 995-2020
Down Home Restaurant and Catering – With catering options beginning for as little as $7.00 per person, you’ll find quality food at a great price for your event. You’ll find some solid options for breakfast and even some catfish for the lunch/dinner events. Expect extra charges if your event is outside the Little Rock/North Little Rock Area. Additionally, Down Home Restaurant and Catering has a minimum order of 25 persons outside the Little Rock/North Little Rock. Online ordering is available.
Phone Number: (501) 804-4330
Good Food by Ferneau – Looking for something on the healthy side? Famed Little Rock chef Donnie Ferneau developed good food to focuses on healthy gluten free, sugar free and non-processed meals. Good Food can do large catering as well as in home chef plated dinners. If you want a more interactive experience they offer large cooking classes as well. 
Phone Number: (501) 725-4219
Hogg’s Catering & Meat Market – Have you ever wanted to have friends over and have roasted pig, Hawaiian style? The folks at Hogg’s have you covered, as a whole hog is one of their specialties. They also offer cooked Petit Jean hams, Boars Head meat and cheese platters and a variety of other meat options.
Side Note: If you are a hunter or know a hunter, you will want to make note that they are a partner of Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry and can process any portion of deer that you are willing to provide to the organization.
Phone Number: (501) 758-7700
Two Sisters – Located in Sherwood, Two Sisters is one of the more fresh-faced catering businesses in central Arkansas. They’ve been serving clients for nearly 15 years now and have amassed a loyal following since opening in 2001. With great options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you’ll be sure to find some great options for your event. Two Sisters also prepares holiday menus to select during various holiday throughout the year.
Phone: (501) 819-0189
Catering To You – With more than 22 years of catering experience in Little Rock, these veterans of the catering community provide a diverse selection of great food to everything from weddings to corporate events. You can expect soups, salads, casseroles, entrees, appetizers, vegetables, side dishes, pies and other desserts to be served at your next event.
Phone: (501) 614-9030
Jimmy’s Serious Sandwiches – Jimmy’s famed box lunches are great for catering lunch for your office. You can expect to get a Serious Sandwich plus one side in each box. If you’re looking for a bit of variety, the Favorites Displayed option will probably work best. You’ll have your favorite sandwiches halved so that your guests or coworkers can try multiple sandwiches. Each sandwich is neatly placed on a try and clearly labeled so you’ll know which sandwich you are trying. Standard deli sides are also available on the catering menu. Expect a $10.50 delivery charge for delivering the order to your office or event.
Phone: (501) 666-3354
Corky’s (West Little Rock & North Little Rock) – The Corky’s catering menu features virtually the same items that are on its restaurant menu. If you are a fan of the ribs and bbq at Corky’s, you will know what to expect when they deliver your food to your event. Also available on the catering menu are boxed lunches, as well as Phil’s hams and turkeys.
Phone (WLR): (501) 954-7427
Phone (NLR): (501) 753-3737
Whole Hog – Just as with Corky’s, if you are familiar with the excellent ribs and bbq at Whole Hog, you’ll be getting top-quality bbq for your catered event. Simply give the Whole Hog folks a call and they will help you prepare your menu.
Phone (NLR): (501) 753-9227
Phone (Cantrell Road): (501) 664-5025
Phone (WLR): (501) 907-6124
Phone (Crisp Drive): (501) 975-9315
Trio’s – Trio’s has been in the catering space since 1986, serving up excellent food at various events around central Arkansas. One of the things that makes Trio’s stand out is that they have a sizeable private dining area available for use for your event, which can seat around 80 people, according to the Trio’s website. They do stress, however, they are more than familiar with many of the metro’s popular event spaces. Give them a call and they will help you work on a menu for you event.
Phone: (501) 221-3330
EJ’s – If you’re looking to keep it simple, EJ’s is a great option as they have menus that cut through the fluff and give you what you’re looking for. You’ll have options for you to pick up your order or have their staff run it out to your event space. You’ll have a hearty selection of appetizers, box lunches and party trays to choose from. According to the EJ’s website, the entire restaurant space is available for use for Saturday events.
Phone: (501) 666-3700
Copper Grill – Like Trio’s, there is a private dining space at Copper Grill. The folks here promise to be able to accommodate 70 seated guests or 100 standing guest in their private area. You’ll find beautifully prepared items such as escargot, caviar pie, bacon-wrapped oysters, hot wings, chicken and more.
Phone: (501) 375-3333

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