5 Places to Get the Best Chocolates in Little Rock

In case you have not heard, the largest premium chocolate consuming day is coming up this weekend. If you care about the special person in your life then no average box of Godiva is going to cut it. We took some time to round up our top 5 places to pick up chocolate that is much better than average.

Green Corner Store
Green Corner Store carries a variety of chocolates but the big draw is the arrival of Izard Chocolates. Izard’s dark chocolate bars are single origin made with cacao from Dominican Republic and another made with cacao from Belize. Izard is also the only local maker producing his own chocolate directly from cacao beans.

Eggshells Kitchen Co.
Eggshells has a small but potent selection of chocolates, featuring the finest box of locally made chocolates you will find, Cocoa Rouge. Cocoa Rouge chocolates are assorted in various flavors in a 6, 12, and 24 piece box, all made locally in Saline County. Eggshells is also the only other store on this list to carry Izard chocolates.

Domestic Domestic
Just a few doors down, Domestic Domestic offers a solid selection of chocolates as well. What you will find is a carefully curated list of good domestic chocolates like Olive & Sinclair and have their Mexican Style Cinnamon Chili Hearts. New to the list, and quickly becoming the highlight, are Mast Brother’s chocolates. These chocolate bars come in a variety of flavors and milk (cow, goat, sheep) options.

Hillcrest Artisan Meats
Before Izard Hillcrest was my go-to place for quality dark chocolate bars. They offer a wide rotating selection as well as Cocoa Rouge boxes.

Chef Shuttle
New for Valentine’s Day, our favorite food delivery service Chef Shuttle is offering a package delivered featuring sweets curated by our Rock City Eats staff that includes Cocoa Rouge or assorted sweets from Sweet Love Bakery. Both made our list of best desserts of 2014. The package also includes a dozen roses to make a complete Valentine’s Day gift.

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