8 Great Deals and Values in The Heights/Riverdale

Great deals and values are all around us here in Little Rock. You just have to find them. Here are eight you won’t want to miss, all located in The Heights/Riverdale.
Breakfast Sandwich at Boulevard Bread & Bakehouse
McDonald’s bacon, egg and cheese biscuit costs $3.19. Boulevard’s breakfast sandwich, which includes pancetta, a fried egg, lettuce, tomato and aioli on their house made 8-grain bread, costs $5.25 and is one of the best sandwiches in Little Rock. So yeah … that’s a great value.
Social Media Deals at Eggshell’s Kitchen Co.
If you’re looking for great deals on products, check out Eggshell’s on FB, Twitter and Instagram. They’re constantly holding 15% and 20% off sales, as well as “free shipping days” and sidewalk sales. In short, the ladies love having fun over there, and if you’re in search for good deals, Eggshell’s offers plenty of them.
Chocolate Sack at SO Restaurant-Bar
Granted, SO may technically be in Hillcrest, but honestly, who cares? And it also happens to be one of the most expensive restaurants in all of Little Rock. So, how does SO end up on this list? Easy … because of the $13 chocolate sack. This four-layered chocolate sack replica, filled with fruit compote, ice cream, whipped cream and peanut butter mousse, could easily satisfy up to four people. That’s a deal!
Quart of Turkey Salad at Burge’s
Before you have a mini-meltdown, just hear me out. A quart of the insanely awesome Burge’s smoked turkey salad costs $17.99, which seems expensive, until you realize it makes about 10 sizeable sandwiches. This comes out to less than $2.00 a sandwich. You’re welcome.
Le Pops Card at Le Pops
I love me some Le Pops, and if you go a lot to their new storefront, like I do, you better ask for the “stamp card.” Once you buy 10 popsicles, you get one free. Nice move by Le Pops.
The Triple Dipper at Baja Grill
For $15 dollars, you get separate 8-ounce bowls of queso, guacamole and salsa. It’s all made fresh and comes with tortilla chips. This amount of money seems a bit staggering for an appetizer, but when you see all of the food, it actually makes sense. Honestly, with a few beers, 3-4 people could make a meal out of this app. Oh, and it just so happens to taste fantastic!
Lunch Special at Maddie’s Place
Word is spreading on Maddie’s great lunch special. Patrons can get a po-boy, or a fried plate with remoulade, or a half po-boy plus a cup of red beans and rice, soup or half salad (and a tea or soda) … all for $10. And that includes tax!
Specials Galore at The Fold
You name it and The Fold has a drink special for it. Click here for a complete rundown. Also, keep an eye out on FB for their unique, off-menu dishes like Mexican bison pizza, pork taquitos and beer-battered shrimp tortas.

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