8 Great Deals and Values in West Little Rock

Great deals and values are all around us here in Little Rock. You just have to be willing to look for them. Here are eight you won’t want to miss, all located in West Little Rock and all pretty tasty eats.
Cheese Pizza at Layla’s
For $4.99, yes, that’s right, for $4.99, you get a 9-inch cheese pizza, loaded with mounds of mozzarella, piled on a crispy crust. To put it into perspective, you can’t even buy a fancy frozen pizza at the grocery store for $4.99.
Pork Fried Rice at Chinese Kitchen
Chinese Kitchen is a take-out only restaurant that’s been serving up pretty solid Chinese food for several years. While all of their prices are very reasonable, none tops the $4.95 pork fried rice.
Table 28’s Tuesday Special
Tuesday is a great day to find deals around Little Rock’s dining scene. You don’t believe me? Check out Table 28’s three “small bites” for $20 (excludes foie gras). Diners can expect to save upwards of $15-$17 on this deal. Options include: quail lollipops, beef carpaccio and smoked octopus, just to name a few.
Taco Tuesday at Fonda
I told you Tuesdays were pretty bad ass. At Fonda’s, they have all-you-can-eat tacos for $7.99 (10a-2p). I’m not sure how a human can eat more than three tacos at a time, but if you’re inclined to make an attempt, Fonda’s is your place.
Cupcakes at Mickey’s
Raise your hand if your f-ing tired of spending $3+ dollars for a single cupcake. At Mickey’s, they sell their most basic varieties (white, yellow, chocolate, lemon or spice cake with vanilla or chocolate buttercream icing) for only $1.25 apiece. And they taste great!
Tuesdays at NYPD Pizza
If this place isn’t the most underrated pizza joint in all of Little Rock, I don’t know what is. I guess because of its far west location, NYPD doesn’t get a lot of publicity, but the pizza is some of the best in town. And on Tuesday, you can buy any large specialty pizza and receive a 14-inch cheese pizza for free. Not bad.
Milford Track Does Pasta
Boy, do they do pasta! And it’s handmade! This quaint deli located in the basement of a Westlake office building churns out six choices of pasta with a selection of eight sauces. Pick a pasta and a sauce and only pay $7 for the plate.
Bento Box at Igibon
Lunchtime at Igibon means only one thing … bento box time. They have 12 choices, priced between $5-$9 (11a-2p). I typically opt for the sushi bento box, which includes three pieces of sushi, a California Roll, vegetable tempura, soup, salad and fried rice.

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