A Better Bundt Bakery: Nothing Bundt Cakes Coming To Little Rock

Hold on to your bundts, cake fans…I’ve got some sweet news for you. Recently, I was cruising down Chenal in West Little Rock, just waiting for some hot foodie news to jump out at me, when suddenly, I noticed a shiny new sign at the corner of my eye. Sitting in a small strip mall somewhat hidden behind Genghis Grill near the corner of Chenal and Markham, you’ll find the sign for “Nothing Bundt Cakes.”
Nothing Bundt Cakes is pretty much just like it sounds…a growing bakery franchise that specializes in bundt cakes…nothing but bundt cakes. The company had its beginnings in Dallas, TX and has been expanding fairly quickly across the country. They’re now placing their first location in Arkansas at 12312 Chenal Parkway in West Little Rock. (Interestingly, another Dallas franchise, La Madeleine, just opened next door.)
This first Arkansas location is brought to us by Little Rock native, Stacy Lindsey, who says she’s “beyond excited to open Nothing Bundt Cakes in Little Rock.” She estimates that the bakery will be opening “around the first or second week in June.”
As mentioned above, the bakery basically does a number of bundt cakes that vary in size and flavor. There’s the largest 10-inch cakes, 8-inch cakes, smaller single-serving “bundtlets”, and the bite-sized “”bundtinis” which are commonly sold by the dozen (Personally, I like big bundts and I cannot lie). Some of the flavors you’ll see: white chocolate raspberry, carrot cake, red velvet, white chocolate, cinnamon swirl, pecan praline, lemon, chocolate chip, and various seasonal options. The cakes’ signature cream cheese frosting is layered on top in thick “petals”.
So maybe you’re thinking, “Meh…I’m not a huge fan of bundt cake. It’s always so dry.” I get it. That’s generally true…and I also tend to pass on bundt cake. But I sampled Nothing Bundt Cakes several times while living in Dallas, and I can tell you these really are some of the best bundt cakes I’ve eaten. They’ve somehow managed to keep the cakes from being overly dry, and the frosting is darn tasty too. They bake and ice these cakes in house daily. Their surprisingly good products are really the reason this franchise has grown so rapidly across the country.
We’ll be checking back in with them as they get closer to opening, but I’m happy to welcome Nothing Bundt Cakes to Little Rock.

Photo: Nothing Bundt Cakes Facebook
Photo: Nothing Bundt Cakes Facebook

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