A Better Cup of Coffee: Part 1

Coffee is one of the most heavily consumed products in the United States. A recent study showed that an amazing 83% of adults have drank coffee in some form last year. Despite the somewhat staggering numbers, the majority of people seem perfectly happy with a completely awful cup of coffee. More often than not I hear coffee drinkers say they simply drink whatever is available or list their favorite among the increasingly poor quality beans that make up Maxwell House and Folgers.
Think back to your life when there were two types of wine, red and white. Or your college days when beer was beer and it was more about the amount you consumed than the quality you tasted. Coffee is one in the same, in fact I believe coffee can be closer to wine when you begin to understand regions and brewing types.
That is the goal with this series. I want to take you on a journey over the next month in search of a better cup of coffee. I want to show how a better, more enjoyable cup of coffee can be enjoyed. In the next 3 parts of this series we will look at:
Coffee Sources and Roasting
Just like the grape matters in wine, the bean is all the difference in coffee. Everyone will have their own personal taste, but it helps to understand what impact different regions and roasting techniques have on beans. By knowing what flavors to expect from different regions you will be able to make a better choice when selecting a bean.
Coffee Brewing and Grinding
Notice here we have been talking a lot about beans and not a lot about grounds. In this part I want to look through various grind styles (and convince you to grind your own) and how they associate with various brewing techniques. I will give you my tips here to make a beautiful cup of coffee. You will never go back to your office drip machine.
Local Coffee Picks 
There are some places across the city doing good things with exceptional coffee. You do not always have time to brew your own, and sometimes you need a change of scene. We will take a look at local brewers, see what brewing options they offer, and find what makes theirs good.

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