A Little Crepesy Brings Crepes and Whimsy to Little Rock's Food Truck Scene

If you’re going to have a food truck in Little Rock, you better be able to do at least one special thing and do it well. The food truck business is best suited for niche cooking; you get a small amount of space to work in, and focusing on one specialty food is a good way to make the most of your real estate. Whether it’s biscuits, hot dogs, dumplings or burgers, having a highly focused menu is usually a winning strategy. It’s certainly the M.O. for A Little Crepesy, a crepe food truck owned by Brett Todd that opened a month ago. While the truck is new, Todd herself has done this before.
“Back in 2008, we had Lemon in the Ice House building where Ferneau was,” said Todd. “We had traveled and were inspired by a creperie in Dublin, so we came back and studied and learned how to make crepes. But ’08 was a rough year. When the economy crashed, our business died with it. But we learned a lot, and we thought it was still a great idea, so we put the equipment in storage until the right moment.”
That moment came after she and Walt Todd, her husband, along with Kelly Lovell got Count Porkula at The Rail Yard open for business. The Rail Yard has served as a home for Central Arkansas food trucks since it opened, so it made sense for Todd to start one of her own. And she did … from an old two-horse trailer she had on her farm.
“It’s very little space,” laughed Todd. “There’s not much room in it, but there’s enough. It’s a perfect little space, really, for what we do with it.”

Todd’s crepes are broken into sweet and savory categories, with a different crepe mix created for each. The savory crepe takes out the sugar for pepper and other seasonings, and serves as base for entrees like The Mediterranean, which features pesto, hummus, feta, cucumbers and tomatoes for a light vegetarian option. The crepe is an excellent vehicle for this one as it barely holds everything together and lets the fresh produce shine through. And Todd takes advantage of her husband’s work with the crepe The Count Porkula, which uses the barbecue pork from the restaurant along with coleslaw, jalapenos and barbecue sauce. It’s a hearty, satisfying dish that showcases both delicious smoked meat and A Little Crepesy’s delicate crepe.
To me, crepes have always been best as a snack or dessert, and A Little Crepesy’s sweet versions hit the spot. The Chunky Monkey packs in peanut butter, banana, chocolate and honey in a dessert that made me smile with a bit of nostalgia. And the crowd favorite thus far has been the Nutella and Strawberry crepe, which is exactly what it sounds like. The two flavors are obviously good together, and the crepe and hazelnut spread complement each other well.

A Little Crepesy will be all around town this summer, spending most Wednesday nights at The Rail Yard. Todd also plans to bring her crepes to venues like Me and McGee Market and Bramble Market for weekend brunch. Make sure to check A Little Crepesy’s Facebook page for their latest whereabouts. It’s a fun truck bringing something new to Little Rock’s food truck scene.

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