A Special Thanks Little Rock. Igibon Is Now Not Closing

Earlier this month we discovered that Igibon Japanese restaurant on Rodney Parham planned to close for good this Wednesday. 
Many of you shared the story, commented how much you enjoy the restaurant, and overall voiced your support. Arkansas Democrat Gazette is reporting that a lease deal between the restaurant and Village Valley shopping center has been reached in the restaurant’s final days that will keep it open for at least another year. According to ADG this is due, in part at least, to the outcry of support from customers.
After announcing this a good many of you shared the story, wrote about how much you would miss Igibon, and it seems took action to save a family owned restaurant that you care about. This is what makes the local food community great and why we are all proud to be a part of it.
Support your local restaurants with your hard earned dollars, tell an owner or a chef when you appreciate a meal, tip your wait staff, and make local recommendations to friends and family. Together we can keep quality local establishments in business and allow them to thrive.
Thanks Little Rock.

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