Allsopp & Chapple Brings Quality Craft Cocktails to Main Street

The 300 block of Main Street in Downtown Little Rock is going through a major food boom right now, making it one of the best-concentrated areas of quality food in the city. Along with that there are a couple of good bars in the mix, but nothing really filled the craft cocktail niche until Allsopp & Chapple opened up.
Stopping in after they have had a chance to settle in (and change names), it is clear the bar quality is reflecting the bar talent in the space. In many ways, it reminds me of the old days of 109 & Company just a couple of blocks down the street.
That shouldn’t be a surprise, there is some lineage here in the bar scene. Bar manager Hollis has worked around the city in some top bars, recently I spotted him running a surprisingly good menu over at the 1836 Club. Then general manager George Thompson, who to be fair does not spend all his time behind the bar, comes from a strong background including 109 & Co and Raduno.
Given the craft cocktail heritage, the drinks are high craft as expected. One of my favorites is a the Amarogedden, which is a craft cocktail made for craft lovers. It brings a nice, strong, herbal concoction thanks to the Fernet Branca, Amaro Nonino, Cynar, and Averna. It is not a cocktail for everyone, but it certainly is one from a space that knows what type of audience they want to curate.

There are plenty of craft cocktails that anyone would enjoy, however. The Tropic Like It’s Hot is a smooth tiki-style cocktail with a bit of heat from the pepper-papaya puree. Also light and drinkable is the Bruce Nanner that uses tequila, banana liqueur, agave nectar, and mole bitters then shaken with an egg white and topped with nutmeg for an easy sipping cocktail.
Then there are plenty of cocktails that fall somewhere in the middle. Good bar sippers that cocktail lovers can appreciate, yet are still approachable. The Grand Theft Autumn is a good example of this style. It has Calvados, Averna, Cocchi Torino, and a splash of honey syrup for a slightly sweet finish to a good winter weather sipping cocktail. So is the Bacon Old Fashioned. They enhance the classic cocktail with a bacon flavor through fat washing techniques. It provides something familiar and comfortable, yet new at the same time.
The cocktail menu is out now and will be through the winter. They also have a nice national/international craft beer list with some hard to find beers and an extensive wine list.
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