The Extra Time to Reopen Dining at Allsopp & Chapple Pays Off

The local restaurant scene has seen most places reopen their dining rooms now. A few spots, like Allsopp & Chapple, wanted to spend a little more time to make sure they create a safe space for customers to dine while still providing the atmosphere that they expect.

The extra time from Allsopp & Chapple worked out well with a great atmosphere, plenty of good social distancing, and a menu that shows a lot of thought and refinement.

“I am so excited to get back in and start cooking for people again,” executive chef Bonner Cameron says. “We have a strong menu for the reopening that I think people are going to love.”

Indeed every item on the menu, top to bottom, is strong with a good mix of land and sea options.

The diver scallops, available either as an appetizer or an entree with risotto, are a fantastic option. They also have a slow roasted Wagyu beef short rib or a coffee cured filet if you are in the mood for a great steak. In my visit to see how the changes were going, I went with a Romano Crusted Trout that came with jumbo lump crab that ended up being a solid choice.

Allsopp & Chapple also continues to have a great bar program. The Fahrenheit 452 with mezcal, mango pepper puree, and mole bitters really showed the talent of the bar team.

Allsopp & Chapple is open for dinner 4pm-10p, Tuesday-Saturday.

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