Arkansas Fresh Cafe Announces Closing

It’s always a sad day in the food community when a local business closes their doors. Unfortunately for food lovers, Arkansas Fresh Cafe in Bryant announced today that they will be calling it quits on Sept. 23.
We followed Ashton Woodward, the mastermind behind Arkansas Fresh Cafe, with much anticipation when he first opened the brick-and-mortar back at the beginning of last year. Since then we’ve enjoyed many a breakfast or lunch there – from their burgers, wafflewiches, and creative specials to their delectable desserts.The quality was everything – you knew you weren’t getting anything less than fresh ingredients.
There is a silver lining, however. Arkansas Fresh Bakery fans as well as those who mark Cocoa Rouge among their favorite sweets can rest easy. These two operations will continue to operate and serve Central Arkansas.
Here is the announcement from the eatery:
“We are sorry to announce that Arkansas Fresh Cafe will be shutting its doors at the end of service on Friday, September 23rd. We’ve had a great run, and deeply appreciate the support from our loyal patrons over the past years. We will be running some fun specials over the next few days to show our thanks, so be sure to stop by, and look forward to seeing more from our sister companies, Arkansas Fresh Bakery and Cocoa Rouge.”
It’s been a good run. They will be missed.

Author: Becca

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