Atlas Bar to Close for "Spring Break" to Make Changes

Atlas Bar has been a popular stop along the SoMa district since opening a year ago, but after a year of being open, the restaurant and bar wants to take a “spring break” to make a number of adjustments for the second trip around the sun.
They will open this week Thursday – Saturday, then close after service on Saturday.
“Like most businesses, our initial vision for Atlas is a little different than how people interact with us, so we made adjustments along the way to meet needs,” owner Tony Poe says. “Now that we understand our customers better, there are still a few more adjustments to make including changes to our physical space. We thought it was a good time at the year mark to take a break, reset, adjust, and roll out the next phase.”
Poe says some of the changes coming are a greater emphasis on an overall experience to introduce a larger focus on food and a restaurant atmosphere. Part of that will be adjustments to layout and seating to accommodate more tables and a better sit down experience.
There is no timeline given for the relaunch, but Poe says to expect it to take a few weeks to make the adjustments. We will keep tabs on the changes and preview any changes as they are ready. Until then get in sometime this week before the downtime.
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