Bark Bar Turns a Year Old, Launches Weekly Weenie Series

Bark Bar carved out a niche for themselves a year ago as the only dog park and bar combo in the city. A lot has happened within the bar as they have figured out how to run an indoor/outdoor dog park that has a bar and restaurant inside.
One of the things that has changed very little though is their main lineup of hot dogs and other food items. That is being shaken up in a huge way for their sophomore year.
“We know we want to keep the food fresh and exciting, and one of the ways best ways to do it was to pull in the local food community,” co-owner Elizabeth Michael says. “So we are working with restaurants, chefs, and others in the food community to develop weekly hot dog specials.”
Chef Matt Bell from South on Main started things off a couple of weeks ago with his beanies & weenies dog that featured bbq beans and caramelized onions. Donnie Ferneau of Catheads Diner followed it up a week later with his delta dog featuring creole mustard, marinated cucumber, pickled okra, pickled red onions, Crystal Hot Sauce mayo, and hot pepper relish.
This week we are stepping in with the Rock City dog. The goal was to create something that is uniquely Little Rock. There was nothing that achieved this more than cheese dip.
We start with a hot dog marinated in beer, then cover it in cheese dip, add a layer of crushed tortilla chips, a spoonful of salsa, pickled jalapenos, and a finishing drizzle of a little more cheese dip. The final product is cheesy and crunchy with just a little bit of spice, it pairs perfectly with the all-beef, beer-soaked hot dog.
The dog is available all this week at Bark Bar. Entry to the bar is free for adults so come in and enjoy a hot dog, or bring your fur baby for an extra $5. To make things even better, $1 of every dog sold will go to benefit one of our favorite organizations, The Van.
Bark Bar plans to continue the series go forward. Future features include The Fold, 1836 Club, and others. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for more updates.
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