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We’re excited to welcome back our latest food hack competition! We asked contestants to take a package of humble ramen noodles and transform them into something magnificent. Essentially, those were the only rules. Take ramen…make it awesome. And they did a splendid job. Check out photos of all the entries below. BUT they need your votes to win. Please head on over to our Rock City Eats Facebook page’s photo album for this contest. Then simply “LIKE” your favorite photo. The photo with the most “likes” by the midnight on Friday will be crowned the 2016 Rock City Eats Food Hack Champion. VOTE NOW!
Thanh: “Steak and egg ramen burger.”
Lindsay: “Ramen bun turkey burger with spicy sriracha ketchup, colby jack cheese, arugula, and a side of garlic parsley fries.”
Shana: “Ramen crust pizza with onions, roasted chicken, black olives, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, and spinach.”
Amy: “Ramen chicken and ramen waffle.”
Ken: “Spicy ramen crusted catfish sandwich with pan-fried ramen buns, shredded lettuce, honey sriracha mayo, sweet pickled red peppers, shaved yellow onion.”
Phillip: “A Dye-O-Ramen of a nightmare at sea for a whaling boat.  The only inedible garnish is the plastic whale.  The Bento-octopi are kosher.  The waves of the ocean are cooked noodles dyed with food coloring.  The whaling ship was carved out of uncooked ramen, and painted with food coloring gel.  The brown sugar shore is littered with nori and oregano.  The ship itself is held together with squeeze cheese adhesive.”
Millie: “Confetti chicken salad in ramen cups.”
Dian: “The Wrap Mie: Sautéed instant ramen noodles (mie) wrapped in flat rice noodles with sweet and spicy sauce.”
Stacey & Micaiah: “Sesame ramen waffle with ramen-encrusted chicken tenders topped with a sweet Thai chili sauce.”
ramen noodle cupcake
Renee: “Ramen noodle cupcakes with caramelized noodle topping.”
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