Best Chicken & Waffles in Little Rock

Chicken and Waffles may be the relative newcomer to iconic southern cuisine, but the Atlanta staple has made a big impact in recent years. We have seen it influence menus here in Little Rock as well as other hot spots across the south.
It is the perfect combination of salty, sweet, and sometimes spicy that ticks all the right boxes. When push comes to shove, you can count on it to flip a stale menu at the exact right time. It is why we love to see it come through in unexpected locations. Here are some of our favorites.
Ceci’s Chicken and Waffles
Ceci’s has moved back to a food truck, but regardless of location, it has long been one of our favorite chicken and waffle stops in the area. She sets up at 4700 S. University on most days.
At the Corner
When our favorite little diner added chicken and waffles a few years ago it felt like a natural fit. Also, if you are feeling like a real mashup, get it with gravy (hot chicken n waffle), it is a great Little Rock take on the classic.
South on Main
The South Main street stop typically has some variant of chicken and waffles that is always fantastic on their brunch menu. Right now they are running a quail and waffle take on the classic.
Rock City Kitchen
The fine folks at RCK are doing great things in the city, one of those is adding a new chicken and waffle option to their menu for breakfast. They only do so many of these a day though, so get in quick.
Flyway Brewing
Flyway has an interesting take on chicken and waffles that is fantastic. They come as sliders with spicy chicken and waffles as the bread for the slider. Absolutely stop in for these.
Red Door
The Riverdale staple has a great, classic take on chicken and waffles that is available Tuesday-Sunday for breakfast and lunch.
Charlee’s Good Time Drinkery
It is not an everyday item, but keep an eye out for their brunch specials. They do a great wings and waffle option that is worth dragging out of bed for.
42 Bar and Table
The long standing restaurant at the base of the Clinton Library does a fantastic brunch. One of they best items, you might have guessed, is a classic chicken and waffle. Stop in for it.

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