Best Fried Chicken Sandwiches in Little Rock

Fried chicken sandwiches have been getting a lot of attention lately, and for good reason, they are delicious.
Thankfully you do not have to sell your soul to the drive-through to get a great sandwich. We rounded up 9 local made sandwiches that are all better than anything you will find in a national chain.
Petit & Keet – PK Chicken Sandwich
Petit & Keet has featured some form of chicken sandwich on every menu since they opened. The sandwich tends to change with menu updates, but the current one features a pickle brined chicken and pimento cheese. It is easily our favorite version of the PK Chicken to date.
South on Main – Hot Chicken Sandwich
South on Main got the chicken sandwich party started a while ago in Little Rock and does it better than anyone. That is, in part, thanks to their use of chicken thigh which packs a lot more flavor than the breast everyone else uses. It has the perfect level of spicy to make it addictive, but not quite enough to set your nose hairs on fire.
Fassler Hall – Chicken Schnitzel
This is a great German take on fried chicken. Comes with smoked gouda cheese and spicy mayo.
Haybird – Birdwich
You would expect a fried chicken concept to have a good chicken sandwich right? Haybird does not disappoint with their marinated chicken topped with house-made pickled vegetables. Make it spicy with their sauce.

EJ’s – Mother Clucker
This one would get on the list for the name alone, not to mention it is a great chicken sandwich. It packs a little heat with the spicy mayo, or have them throw in some fire sauce for even more heat.
Big Orange – Hot ‘n’ Hot Sandwich
This is a firey take on their classic fried chicken sandwich that adds a spicey fried breast along with pepper jack cheese for good measure.
Ceci’s Chicken and Waffles – Chicken Breast Sandwich
Ceci’s knows fried chicken about as well as anyone, but it doesn’t have to come on top of a waffle. She makes a great chicken sandwich as well.
Stickyz – Fingerz Sandwich
Stickyz (formerly Sticky Fingerz) has been serving up quality fried chicken for nearly 20 years. It should come as no surprise that you can get their hand-breaded fried chicken on a bun with a little of their famous creamy dill sauce.
North Bar – Angry Bird
North Bar has a number of great chicken sandwich options, but the favorite is the Angry Bird. It adds a nice kick thanks to the smoked chipotle.
Honorable Mentions – Naturally there are plenty more great chicken sandwiches around, we wanted to limit to permanent menu items and fixed locations and actual sandwiches (ie: no biscuits, etc…). That said, here are a few more to track down that do not fit the list.
Low Ivy – Fried Chicken Steamed Buns
Delta Biscuit Co – chicken biscuit
Four Quarter – Chicken Sandwich Special
Cathead’s Diner – Chicken Biscuit
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