Best Restaurant Service Awards 2016

Service is one of the most important parts of a restaurant. Good service can make a mediocre meal great and make a great meal amazing.
It is also not easy being a server. They are expected to be skilled in conflict resolution, have a full understanding of every single menu item, manage the needs of dozens of individuals, handle being treated like an indentured servant, and never show signs that they are anything less than the happiest person on earth.
Servers are the lifeblood of a restaurant. Unfortunately when things go right they are rarely recognized, when things go wrong they are the first to receive the blame. Because of that we held our first service awards in late 2014, and we are back this year to make it an annual thing.
Here we want to recognize the best server, host, or front of staff member, the best bartender (with a focus on service, not necessarily cocktail quality), and the best overall restaurant service program.
To kick things off we are looking for nominations from our readers. You can nominate in each category once, and we will accept nominations until February 1st. Then we will calculate the nominations and give it back to you all to vote on the best. Fill out the form below:
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