Big News for Former Bosco's Location: Damgoode Pies Opening River Market Location

It didn’t take long after Bosco’s closed shop on their prime River Market location at 500 President Clinton Ave. Local pizza company Damgoode pies announced to us this morning that they have finalized details to establish a new flagship restaurant in the location.
When we talked to owner Jeff Trine earlier about the location he hoped to create something very unique to the Damgoode line with the location, focusing on fresh pizza, craft brew, and atmosphere. It looks like the vision is starting to come together.
“The Pizzeria will feature a Slice Bar”, said Jeff Trine, founder of Damgoode Pies, “and a big screen private party/meeting room, mixed drinks, two bathrooms, a floor, halls, and a ceiling, as well as a snazzy bar with taps that come from 9 giant tanks full of cold beer in our awesome new brewery!  Well, it’s new to us anyway.  Oh, and you know that great patio at Boscos that overlooks the amphitheater, that’s ours now, too.  Jeez, and about 1000 Boscos pint glasses.  What the (expletive deleted) are we gonna do with those?  And I think it’d be boss to get some retro cabinet video games, but we’ll see.”

Damgoode will keep the brewery portion and begin brewing a select few of their own beers. The most interesting part, however, is they will open up the remaining tanks to the local brewing community to contribute recipes and utilize.

The restaurant is scheduled to open by New Years, with the brewery opening shortly after. “If any brewers or other beer aficionados would like to contribute a recipe or give some input on the styles of beer Damgoode serves, send an email to,” Trine says.

The restaurant plans to open by New Years and the brewery shortly after.

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