Billy’s Burgers Pops Up in Little Rock

One of the greatest things about a food truck is that it can be anything you want it to be. While it is rare in central Arkansas, I have a number of friends operating multiple concepts out of a single truck in NWA. It is fun when trucks have contrasting styles operating with the same team. That is exactly what the team from Low Ivy is doing with their new concept, Billy’s Burgers.
The team of chef Amanda Ivy, sous chef Sammy Cyz, and resident eye candy/order taker/cheesecake maker Kyle Ivy wanted something more laid back than their Delta-Cali-Asian fusion Low Ivy concept. The concept behind Billy’s Burgers is far more simple, and geared for the late night bar and brewery crowd.
“My dad, Bill (where the Billy’s name comes from), used to take me to this place called Jake’s in Pasadena,” Amanda Ivy says. “I always loved it there because they would hand you a little sheet and you would mark off everything you wanted on your burger. It was one of my first favorite food experiences with one of my biggest food heroes.”
To order you walk up and grab a sheet of 24 possible toppings and sauces, get a crayon, and selected as many as you want (some do have an up charge). The amazing thing here is that no two burgers are going to be the same thanks to a mind blowing 12.3 million combinations possible.

As you would expect with a concept from Low Ivy, this is no ordinary burger. The burger itself is big, juicy, and perfectly cooked. They are making the buns in house using a secret recipe that is a hybrid between a brioche and challah. It is thick and dense but not dry like you get from other buns the size. It is just perfect to hold up the size of the burger patty without falling apart or getting soggy, but not so big that you feel like you are eating a loaf of bread.
The burger I ordered at their first popup at Proof Bar in Hillcrest was pork belly, caramelized onions, pickled jalapeños, cheddar, mayo, and truff hot sauce. Every ingredient individually was made with the same care as the everything else. I already want to go back and do an entirely different combination, and the beauty is the burger can be adjusted to fit whatever mood you are in and how you plan to eat it. For me I knew I wanted to take some photos and then carry it back home, so I left off the fried egg I really wanted.
The burger itself, topping choices not withstanding, might very well be the best burger in the entire state. I’ve at a lot of them and I can’t think of a base burger/bun combo that compares. Add to it great toppings and Billy’s Burgers has the chance to be the most sought after food truck around.
They plan to still roll out with small occasional popups for now, the next will be October 2nd at Stone’s Throw Brewing in Stifft Station.

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