Blue Sail Evolves to Bring Their Local Coffee Shop to You

Like most of you, our daily routines are disrupted dramatically by COVID. Between working from home, kids out of school, and restaurants being closed, we have not been able to safely enjoy many of our normal routines. Morning coffee at some of our favorite local coffee shops is a big thing we are not doing around here as much. Thankfully that need has been effortlessly fulfilled thanks to coffee subscription services from Blue Sail Coffee.
If you come around here often, you know we are all about things locally produced. There are tons of coffee subscription services out there, but we have a soft spot for premium coffee beans roasted here in Central Arkansas that magically arrives on our doorstep. The subscription coffee program features beans are freshly roasted before they ship out, and you can pick to receive coffee automatically either once or twice a month in whatever quantity you need. So you always have some fresh beans to grind up.
We have been fans of Blue Sail for a while. Their original coffee shop opened up in Conway back in 2014 from owner/founder Kyle Tabor. As entrepreneurs ourselves, it is a story we can get behind. He slept on a cot in the original coffee shop as he bootstrapped the business. That sort of dedication to the brand always brings about innovation and out of the box thinking, at least in our experience with entrepreneurs over the years.
“We consider ourselves sort of like modern-day coffee explorers,” Tabor says. “We search the world to find coffees that have unique stories and flavor and to share their story and flavors with our customers.”
The result is a solid selection of quality beans to pick from. Our favorite might be the Anchor Blend. It is a nice versatile bean that works great for our morning french press but also can be finely ground for a great afternoon espresso shot.

If you are more of a single-origin fan that enjoys a solid pour-over, try subscriptions from either the Sumatra or Columbia beans. They both have great flavor and high cupping scores (if that is your thing).
Subscription coffee was not always in the cards for Blue Sail, their focus has mainly been on creating unique brick and mortar coffee shops and roasting for others in the area. Like all of us, they were forced to change quickly when COVID began.
“When we saw the storm (ie COVID) coming on the horizon, my team and I took action quickly. We quickly decided that if we were going to survive, we were going to have to quickly evolve into an online coffee company,” Tabor explains. “Evolving into an online coffee subscription business was tough at first. Once we did we saw that people love how fresh their coffee is whenever it gets to their door. We’re literally shipping coffee as soon as it’s roasted. Plus our subscription model makes it easy for customers to set their delivery preferences and then we do the rest.”
They also focused heavily on helping the local community by raising over 2,500 meals for the Arkansas food bank and donating over 100lbs of coffee to date to local healthcare providers. It is great to support a company that supports others in this time of need.
Coffee subscriptions start at less than $12 a month. It is the perfect way to enjoy fresh, local coffee during COVID, and will continue to be a great way to safely and easily get coffee even after restaurants and coffee shops are allowed to open back up. Check out all their coffee options here and signup.
*note, Rock City may receive a small affiliate commission from any purchase. We love the coffee, the company, and the business model evolution regardless and it would not influence any of our opinions either way. 
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