Breaking: Trader Joe's Coming to Little Rock

If there is a food-related expansion requested more than any other it is for a Trader Joe’s grocery store in Little Rock. We now have a strong confirmation that they are in the early stages of acquiring contractors and laying out plans for the first ever location in Little Rock.
For those of you unaware, Trader Joe’s is a beloved grocery store chain based out of California. They focus on their store brand products, many of which have a cult following. In fact, out of the average 4,000 products carried in Trader Joe’s, roughly 80% are their own branded products.
It is partly this reason that has kept Trader Joe’s outside of Arkansas for so long. Along with food items, a big seller is their own wine lines that, due to Arkansas alcohol distribution and sales laws, have been complicated for them to sell inside the stores. Part of that changed with a 2017 law that allowed grocery stores the ability to sell a larger wine selection.
The location appears to be the former Toys R Us location at 11500 Financial Centre Pkwy. We have heard from reputable sources that various bids are going out for contractors and preliminary plans are being drafted. As of posting time, no permits have been filed with the city.
We will obviously keep a close eye on this and update you all with any additional details as we find them.

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