Bringing Home the Perfect Patio Beer

Recently, we’ve supplied a guide for those restaurant-goers in search of the perfect patio for the breezier weather only spring brings. Now, we’ve come up with some suggestions for those at-home oases. What better way to soak up the rays than with a brew in hand?
Although a pale ale or stout can be good on any given day, regardless of the weather, we’ve looked into which local brews pair perfectly with the formidable Arkansas heat. With some thoughts from the local brewers themselves, here’s your guide for bringing warmer weather beers to your own home. Enjoy.
Vino’s – An institution in Little Rock when it comes to beers, Vino’s is a great place to start. A mainstay in their line, 6 Bridges Cream Ale is a light bodied beer that makes a great patio companion. If you’re aiming for something a little sweeter and with a hint of fruit, opt for the Rainbow Wheat.
Blue Canoe Brewing Co. – On a recent jaunt inside, I was most impressed by their stalwart Papp Ale. The drink is both light and crisp, similar to a cider, but without the bitterness. Think apple with a tinge of smokiness, which makes for a pleasant aftertaste. Even though it’s light, the flavor is complex enough to be comparable to a pale ale, without that headache the next morning. Also, the Pilsner can’t go unmentioned – it’s just tender enough to get you to the dog days.
Stone’s Throw Brewing – The Amadeus, a lighter Vienna style lager, seems like it will come at a punch based on its gorgeous coloring, but it’s as easy to drink as a spring breeze. It’s super light and tangy and easy on the taste buds. On those same notes, the Ich Bin Ein, a German style Berliner Weisse is tart and refreshing and a bit like “beer lemonade.”
Lost Forty Brewing – As shown by the big win in the Sync Beer Tournament, the Bare Bones Pilsner is a favorite year-round. This particular brew finds a nice line between light and heavy, sweet and mild, and makes for easy drinking in warmer weather. Newly debuted, Lost Forty’s Belgian Blonde is also a must-try with it’s golden light bodied taste.
Diamond Bear Brewing Co. – The Southern Blonde is golden and crisp, but has a slight punch of caramel in the flavoring. Keep your eye out for their Strawberry Blonde, an even crisper German style lager infused with real strawberries. The balance of sweet and tangy makes it a contender against the Arkansas heat.
Moody Brews – Keep your eye on Moody. He’s working on bringing new spring/summer beers to market starting in about a month in bottled form. First will be Katchiri’s Bier, a strong saison brewed with American hops. Think strong pale ale, Belgian style, hoppy but not bitter. Second will be a bit later in the summer, “Aria’s Bier,” a more petite saison brewed with fresh orange peel and hibiscus flowers. Tart, refreshing, unfiltered and sessionable.
There you have it. As you get ready for that next gathering or celebration out on the patio, backyard, or front porch, grab a growler and drink up. Spring breezes only last so long.

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