Can I get that delivered? Top Food Delivery Options in Little Rock

There comes a time in which every food lover laments the limited availability of restaurant delivery. All too often the daylight hours slip by, making delivery the prime option for last-minute palate bliss. Luckily for Little Rockians there are a fair number of restaurants and services which understand this need all too well.
Starting with lunch, there are plenty of options for the nine-to-fiver, especially within the downtown area. Check these locations:
Dayjenay – The delivery only options features a rotating menu of two dishes created fresh for delivery. Service currently is limited to downtown, Argenta, Riverdale, and UAMS campus area.
Chi’s – Call (501)916-9973 for lunch delivery from the Riverdale location. (If you are craving Chi’s for dinner, call the Chenal location (501)821-8000 starting at 5 pm.)
Dave’s Place Restaurant – The Center Street eatery offers limited lunch deliveries, that comes with a minimum of $20 per order. Be sure to call and secure your lunch at 10 am – (501)372-3283.
EJ’s Eats & Drinks – The burger, sandwich and soup restaurant offers limited area deliveries. If you’re East of Mississippi, you are probably covered, but typically the restaurant serves the downtown area and up to the Heights and Hillcrest. Be sure to make your order before 1 pm, as that’s when their delivery guy heads out for the day.
Iriana’s – The downtown restaurant offers free delivery to a limited area. Get your pizza on by calling (501)374-3656. (Also good for dinner.)
If you’re pressed for time and need dinner delivered, don’t worry, you have more options than Chinese food and pizza – not that there’s anything wrong with either.
Casa Manana – All three Little Rock locations deliver within a reasonable distance. Delivery is available upon opening at 10 am and nightly until 10 pm as well as until 9 pm on Sundays. Expect a 30 minute food-prep time with your order.
Fantastic China – The restaurant offers limited area delivers from 5 to 9 pm from their 1900 North Grant location.
Jimmy John’s – The chain sandwichery offers a well-known delivery service.
Damgoode Pies – Sometimes it’s not a bad thing to order a pizza for delivery, especially when it comes from Damgoode. They offer an online ordering option, but you can always call one of their three locations to the same end.
If your favorite restaurant seems to be missing from this list, don’t fret. There’s still a chance you can get lunch and dinner delivered from the likes of Bruno’s Little Italy, The Fold, Loca Luna, and even Chick-fil-a (plus many more.)
Chef Shuttle: Now you can go to one web address for the option of having everything from local fine dining to fast food delivered to your desk or door. Based on similar services in larger cities, Chef Shuttle lets you create lunch orders up to 30 days in advance (if need be) for those meeting-packed workdays, or for dinner on a particularly busy family night. The service gives a projected time of arrival, and the food arrives warm, thanks to the special carrier bags the drivers use. The minimum order is $15, and services a large portion of Central Arkansas.

Author: Becca

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