Capital Bar & Grill Bakes Up A Pie A Day For February’s Pie Month

My oh my, it’s time for pie!
We can guarantee from experience that the time and effort that Pastry Chef Matthew Dunn puts into his creations is well worth a bite or more.
For the past four years the Capital Bar & Grill has pulled out all of the stops when it comes to February’s National Pie Month. Today starts the celebration with an expertly-prepared, beautiful-to-look-at but even-better-to-eat Peach Pie.
This go-round Dunn has taken past lists and compiled a completely a new one, based on best-sellers from years passed as well as fresh ideas. He says, “Usually my favorite pie goes on there – Banoffee. After that we try to look at what we haven’t done in the past and everyone gives their opinion on it.”
Dunn enjoys the change from routine and the ability to open up creatively, so mark your calendars to try at least one pie (or four.) Also, keep in mind, pie isn’t necessarily a sweets-only institution.
Dunn says, “I think last year the top selling pie was the Steak and Ale.” Fans can rejoice – this savory delight will grace the lineup again this year.

And if you are ready and willing, you could have a pie a day thanks to Dunn’s careful plotting, without having similar fillings twice in a row.
If savory pies are your jam, be on the lookout for one a week, including the Steak and Ale, Chicken Pot Pie, Short Rib and Potato Empanadas Pie, and a Pork Pie.
The Pork Pie is done up traditionally, as Dunn says, “The pork is cooked with a bunch of spices and we shred it and mince it and pair it with short crust. It’s a very traditional English pie.” To ensure he got it just right he went to the expert. He laughs, “Usually with the traditional English pies, I do actually go to my Mum for recipes.”
On Valentine’s Day there will be a Chocolate Cherry Pie and during the Super Bowl Dunn has created a Northern and Southern pie – repping both the Patriots and Falcons.
He’s also particularly excited for the debut of an extremely rich Mississippi Mud Pie as well as an Orange Raspberry pie which he describes as, “almost like a cheesecake.”
There’s definitely going to be something for everyone this month, so to be sure you stay on top of things, follow the Capital Bar and Grill on Facebook and Instagram to learn of the pie unveiling each day. Then, when you finally get to sink your teeth into a slice or two, be sure and use the hashtag #CapitalPieMonth.

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