Celebrate Ice Cream Month Around Little Rock with Unique Loblolly Based Desserts

It feels like there is some food holiday almost every other day, and most of them do not make sense. Then there is ice cream, which is awesome enough to make their holiday last a whole month during the middle of the summer. It is more like a European style holiday and you should absolutely get involved. Thankfully, the folks at Loblolly Creamery have made it easy this year.
Loblolly ice cream is great at the soda fountain in the Green Corner Store, however many amazing restaurants and chefs around town use their ice cream in their dessert dishes. This year Loblolly decided to team up with the restaurants who carry their ice cream to create a series of special desserts for the month of July.
“We have¬†some amazing friends and partners that feature our handcrafted ice cream on their restaurant menus year round. ¬†This year, we asked some of our Little Rock cohorts to create an ice cream dessert exclusive to their menu for the month of July,” Loblolly brand manager Elizabeth Strandberg tells us. “We hope that you’ll enjoy an ice cream dessert tour this month as you make your way around these great Little Rock menus!”
Seven different restaurants are participating in the city-wide dessert special, which officially kicks off tomorrow, July 7th. Each restaurant is tasked with creating an original dessert that blends a Loblolly flavor with the unique style of their restaurant. Every dish is creative and limited, so pick two spots a week and try them all this month or just take a week and try them all. Here is the list of places and their dishes.

Raduno Brick Oven & Barroom РIced Stumptown coffee, which is available alcohol free upon request, but why would you ever request that? The dish features Loblolly Coffee Sorbet and is topped with an almond biscotti made by local pastry chef, Zara Wilkerson.
Kemuri – ¬†Kemuri is featuring Loblolly’s green tea ice cream paired with a with the green tea cake.
Boulevard Bistro¬†– Boulevard’s¬†bistro concept in the Heights is serving up a¬†black and blue fried pie with strawberry buttermilk ice cream.
Lost Forty – You know Lost Forty is going to come up with some hoppy goodness. They worked up a S’Mores Bread Pudding to go with Loblolly’s double vanilla ice cream. The¬†chocolate bread pudding comes with toasted graham cracker crumbs then gets topped with a¬†housemade marshmallow fluff and Rockhound IPA chocolate sauce.

At The Corner –¬†The folks over At the Corner love it when they can work in a family recipe. They are making ice cream sandwiches using their grandmother’s chocolate chip cookie and chocolate sauce recipes with a couple of scoops of Loblolly double vanilla smashed in the middle. Fair warning, these cookies are huge, bring a friend.
The Fold The Fold has cooked up a rich, flourless Mexican chocolate cake that gets topped with Loblolly Double Vanilla and a coconut caramel sauce.
Taco, Beer, Burrito –¬†¬†Blue Canoe Brewing’s latest expansion features a plantain sundae that is slow cooked using brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon then is topped with Loblolly Double Vanilla.

Greg Henderson
Author: Greg Henderson

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