Celebrate National Pie Month At The Capital Bar & Grill

If you need another reason to cram more pie into your face, you’re in luck…it’s National Pie Month! Which means it’s totally acceptable to consume a satisfyingly sweet slice of pie every day of this month if you so please. Luckily, one establishment has made it possible to do just that.
Nowadays, desserts at The Capital Bar & Grill are mostly being overseen and produced by Chef Matthew Dunn. He’s a young British chap with some serious baking talents, and he’s playing an important role at the hotel in developing and formulating many of the sweet options at both the Bar & Grill and One Eleven.
During February, Dunn and his crew are offering a new pie everyday. It’s certainly one of the most ambitious pie celebrations in the city…and it’s worth checking out as often as possible. (See the full schedule below.)
Dunn says most CBG guests tend to stick with the classics—apple, coconut, and chocolate pies are always the most popular offerings. But his personal favorite is the Banoffee (banana-toffee), which he says, “Always reminds me of being back in England.”
And for something a little more unique, he encourages diners to try the savory pies being served every Monday. “They’re a little different from what people are probably expecting from us,” he says, “and definitely come in of the 23rd to try the chicken pot pie.”
Here’s your full pie line-up for the rest of the month of February:
11th: Banoffee
12th: Key Lime
13th: Dark Chocolate Raspberry
14th: Chocolate Creme Fraiche
15th: Strawberry
16th: Fish
17th: Chess Pie
18th: Guava
19th: Apple Blackberry
20th: Peanut Butter Chocolate
21st: Raspberry Chiffon
22nd: Coffee Amaretto
23rd: Chicken Pot Pie
24th: Coconut Dulce De Leche
25th: Blueberry Rosemary
26th: Orange Diplomat
27th: Passion Fruit Chocolate
28th: Salted Caramel

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