Chef’s Best: Alexis Jones of Natchez

You’ve read about our favorites dishes of the year. Now it’s time to take a look at what some of the Little Rock top chefs enjoyed serving up in 2014. Special thanks to Alexis Jones of Natchez for sharing her Chef’s Best.
10884552_10101526682188516_2008446502_nOxtail & Chicken Liver Gnocchi
“Gnocchi is one of our strongest menu items. I loved pairing it with the oxtail and chicken livers. This dish features braised oxtail, onion, carrot, celery, rutabaga, roasted garlic, ramen gnocchi, creamed kale, and fried chicken livers.”
Lamb Tortelli
“Tortelli, and any stuffed pasta really, is so much fun to work with. For this we used lamb shoulder, fennel, roasted peppers, cabbage, and fresh farm cheese all stuffed into the pasta. Then we serve it in a very light sauce.”
Pan Seared Amberjack
“For this one we took a pan seared gulf amberjack, which firm fish that takes on flavors well. We included a rosemary butter puree, green tomato compote,turmeric marinade, and topped it with a fried spinach which crisps up nicely.” This was served at Natchez’s two year anniversary wine dinner.
10872522_10101526684024836_454022638_nFried Muenster
“A lot of people fry cheese, but I have never seen fried muenster before so I decided to give it a try. We combined the fried muenster with prosciutto from H.A.M, roast peppers and onions, Arkansas Fresh Bakery country white bread, and sherry mustard mix greens.”
Duck Poutine
“I love poutine. It is certainly not a light course, but goes great with a beer dinner. Here we used roasted then fried yukon potatoes, braised duck leg, white cheddar curds and gravy, duck glaze, and pickled radish.” This was served at the Stone’s Throw Beer dinner in December.

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