Chef's Best: Stephanos Mylonas of Mylo Coffee Co.

You’ve read about our favorites…now it’s time to take a  look at what some of the Little Rock top chefs enjoyed serving up in 2014. Special thanks to Stephanos Mylonas of Mylo Coffee Co. for sharing his Chef’s Best.
croissantCroissant: “I love experimenting with laminated pastries–hence the kouign amann–but my favorite has always been and will likely always be the classic croissant. No frills, just a glossy, crisp outer shell that shatters on the first bite to reveal a pillowy, buttery interior. There’s nothing better.” Croissants are a staple item on the breakfast menu at Mylo Coffee Co.

pumpkinmacMacaron: “I like the technical challenge these delicate cookies represent. Our talented chefs have come up with some beautiful flavor profiles on these. My favorite is the pumpkin pie macaron, followed closely by the mocha.” Macarons have been a frequently appearing special in the display case.

caneleCanelé: “Like the macaron, this is the stuff of classic French pastry–in this case, the kind that requires you to invest in fancy copper molds. We are trying our hand and so far have been pleased with the results. Once again, you can’t beat the combination of a crisp exterior and yielding interior. Canelés are lightly sweet and custardy. My favorite is the bourbon vanilla.” This is a recent addition to the Mylo menu.

cheesewichThree-cheese sandwich: “I’m a big fan of all our sandwiches, but this one is definitely my favorite. This simple grilled sandwich was inspired by something we tried (and revisited many times) at farmers markets in the UK. Grated cheese, sometimes with onion, always with a dab of mustard, grilled fresh to order. We’ve recreated that pleasingly gooey sandwich with our house-made sourdough and local cheeses.” This sandwich makes regular appearances on the lunch menu.

henHen in a Nest: “This is a savory cornbread muffin with sausage, cheese, and a soft-boiled egg center. I enjoy serving this dish because it was a challenge to make all the components work, given their differential cooking times. I also like that it showcases some of our best local producers, including War Eagle Mill (cornmeal) and Freckle Face Farm (sausage).” The Hen in a Nest is a current item on the breakfast menu.

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