Chef's Kitchen: Striped Bass with Benne Seed From Matthew Bell Of South On Main

Welcome to Chef’s Kitchen! In this series, we go inside the kitchen of the state’s top chefs, as they share with us some of their favorite recipes and dishes.
For this video we are partnering up with the Kitchen Fields Table Tour to highlight the dishes that will be part of their program to raise awareness for local soy farmers. Each of the dishes will use a soy ingredients used in cooking both directly and feed for certain livestock such as chickens.
First on the program is South on Main which runs between July and September. Chef Matthew Bell’s dish is a striped bass with benne seeds, soybeans, and corn mash which he makes for us in the video above.
The dish is available on the dinner menu at South on Main between now and September as part of the program.
Partner restaurants for the Kitchen|Fields Table Tour include:

  • South On Main, Little Rock July – September
  • J-Town’s Grill, Jonesboro – October – December
  • The Hive, Bentonville – January – March
  • The Southern Gourmasian, Little Rock – April – June

Check back with us again in October when we feature the feature dish from J-Town’s Grill. See the full details on the promotion.
Post sponsored by the Kitchn Fields Table Tour and the Soybean Promotion Board

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