Chunky Dunk Owner Brings Talents To Little Rock, Plans To Join The Root And Collab with Loblolly

If you haven’t heard, there’s a cute little food truck called Chunky Dunk: A Milk and Cookies Truck that calls Fayetteville home. The truck just so happens to whip up some seriously delectable cookie themed goodies fit for any sweet tooth.
Owner Sara Slimp has been in operation for exactly a year, and has come to a crossroads. Word on the street is, she’s bringing her talents to Little Rock to work with two of SOMA’s stalwart favorites – The Root Café and Loblolly Creamery.
Slimp originally started Chunky Dunk to see where her baking could take her, and thanks to the support she’s received, she’s happy to join the Root Cafe’s team as Head Pastry Chef and Head Baker.
No need for current Fayetteville-based Chunky Dunk fans to fear, however, as Slimp is doing her best to keep the brand alive. She says, “We are in the works of selling some of Chunky Dunk to two girls up here to keep it going in Fayetteville.”
As for her new venture with The Root, Slimp is pretty pumped, and so are owners Jack and Corri Sundell. They added, “We’re super excited and proud to be bringing her on board. We’re going to be giving our baking program a pretty big makeover, and that will all be under Sara’s charge – think more pies and cakes and lots of super-sweet sweets.”
Slimp is looking forward to the transition to Little Rock, and already has plans to work with Loblolly on a few special events.
Owner Sally Mengel says, “Chunky Dunk and Loblolly have been a match made in dessert heaven from the start; ice cream and cookies just pair perfect together. As Sara transitions to The Root, Chunky Dunk still plans to pop up around Arkansas with Loblolly for ice cream sandwich takeovers and sweet treat fun! Look out for us at the Fayetteville Block Street Party and more events at the Loblolly Creamery Soda Fountain.”
If you sweets are your thing, mark Slimp down as one to follow. She sees this next step as an opportunity to give Chunky Dunk, Little Rock and Fayetteville some love by baking up delectable goodness.

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