Coffee Talk: Who's Serving What at Little Rock Restaurants

I love coffee. It’s my life blood. I drink between 2-4 cups a day, and while I’m no true expert on the ways of the coffee bean, I know when there’s an excellent cup of Joe sitting in front of me.
In Little Rock, it’s a given that coffee shops like Guillermo’s, Mylo Coffee Co., Mugs Café, River City Coffee and Boulevard Bread Company all brew up great coffee. But I’ve always been intrigued by what your typical restaurant carries, and more often than not, I’ve been less than impressed with the coffee I’ve consumed while dining out.
So I posed the question on Facebook, did a little of my own research, and, with help from you and several restaurant owners, have come up with a list of places serving what I’d consider good-to-great coffee.
First, here’s some of the reader feedback:
“Capeo serves excellent Italian roast coffee.” -Lauren M.
“Doesn’t Bossa Nova have some sort of special Brazilian style coffee? I’ve never had it, just noticed it on the menu.” -Brian C.
“Cantina Laredo’s flaming coffee is great. Seems more liquor than coffee though.” -Allana F.
“I will have to say that for a fast food chain, McDonald’s coffee is not too shabby.” -Jason S.
“The Root is excellent. Mountain Bird, I think? It’s been years since I’ve been there, but I remember thinking Mimi’s was really good.” -Stephanie H.
And here’s a rundown of what some of the more popular restaurants in town are carrying…
Trio’s: Westrock Coffee
Notes: Westrock is a very solid, locally-roasted coffee that you’ll see pop-up several times on this list. I’ve never had it at Trio’s, but when made a good strength, Westrock can be quite enjoyable.
The Root Café: Mountain Bird Coffee, Stevie’s Espresso and Rozark Hill’s Peruvian Organic
Notes: All of these brewers are local, which is no surprise if The Root is carrying them. You’ll see Mountain Bird a few more times on this lists.
Delicious Temptations: Westrock Coffee
One Eleven at the Capital: Leiva’s Coffee
Notes: Some of the absolute best restaurant coffee in Little Rock. Leiva’s is a great local story.
Arkansas Fresh Café: Westrock Coffee
Gadwall’s Grill: Westrock Coffee
Big Orange: Onyx Coffee Lab
Notes: Chef Scott McGehee informed us about this one … “We use Onyx at Big O … but no espresso machine, yet.” Personally, I love Onyx and it’s the reason I frequent Boulevard Bread Company so often.
The Faded Rose: Community Coffee (Café Special Blend)
Natchez: Guillermo’s El Salvador Coffee
Notes: Chef Alexis Jones tells us the restaurant actually serves it in a French press. It’s a wonderful touch that ensures a nice, strong cup of coffee, and a method very few Little Rock restaurants employ.
South on Main: Mountain Bird Coffee
Notes: The brewed iced tea at SoM is also Mountain Bird.
Ciao Baci: Westrock Coffee’s Rwandan Fair Trade
Cache: Mountain Bird Coffee
Capeo: Caffe Vergnano 1882
Red Door: Specialty coffee and tea (according to breakfast and brunch menus)
Notes: From the menu… “Brewed-by-the-cup, Fair Trade and Organic. Hazelnut Cream, French Vanilla, Caramel Vanilla Cream, Wild Mountain Blueberry, Espresso Bold, Breakfast Blend Lt. Roast, Earl Grey Tea, Mandarin Orange Spiced Tea, English Breakfast Black Tea”
Vesuvio Bistro: Miscela D’Oro from Messina Sicily
The Fold: Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Finally … the soon-to-be-open Wild Hare Cafe in Arkadelphia will be serving RoZark Coffee and Dr. Jack’s Coffee.

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