Coming Soon Rock City Market

Changing times means changing business practices. Our goal at Rock City Eats has always been to help local restaurants and food/beverage producers gain an advantage over the mass-market competition. The COVID outbreak has not only made it harder for local businesses to compete, but it has brought about the need for a complete change in the way they do business.
Honestly, we are right there with those restaurants in the need for change. We have to do more to directly impact the bottom line of small, locally owned businesses to keep them in business. That is why we have taken the past few weeks to build our next venture, Rock City Market.
Our goal is to bring the best in Arkansas made food, beverage, and eventually other goods under one place to shop online. You could, for instance, order tea from a local maker, bread from your local bakery, and a take and bake from your favorite food truck, all in one place.
From our end, we are taking a substantially lower commission than average, and we are putting the majority of our take back to promoting the local vendors to help them make more money. We want to work with both makers who already sell online and those who never have.
We have a three-part launch strategy.
Next week: We will begin allowing food-related products that can be shipped in our marketplace. Think tea, coffee, spices, dry goods, and others.
Early May: We will start items for local pickup and local delivery. So bakeries, take and bake items, local produce, and other items that do not ship well.
Mid-May: We will begin to open up to other categories of makers like jewelry, craft items, household goods, and more that are produced in state.
If you are a maker, restaurant, or anything in between that is interested in joining our market place, send us a message below. We would love to share more information and get you signed up to start.
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