Cooking Classes at Eggshells Kitchen Co.

If you’re looking for any and every kitchen gadget under the sun, Eggshells Kitchen Co. in the Heights is the place for you. You name it, they’ve got it. From must-have items like bundt cake pans, cocktail glasses and fine cutlery to “I gotta have but don’t need” things like Arkansas-shaped cutting boards, banana cutters and strawberry de-stemmers, Eggshells is the place to find it all.
But did you know the store also offers regular cooking classes, featuring some of the best chefs, bakers and mixologists from around the Little Rock area?
They do … and last night, 20 folks and I attended one of them, hosted by chef Matthew Bell. The ever-popular executive chef at South on Main offered up a quick rundown of his background, worked in a scattering of subtle jokes and cool cooking tips, and conducted a fantastic recipe demo featuring his famous pig trotters. As he typically does, Bell also expounded on the virtues of locally-sourced ingredients, a topic that seemed to connect with attendees. We also learned things like:

  • how to use”acid balance” in your cooking to enhance the palette
  • how to properly chop an onion
  • how to use a wet towel to wrap around a bunch of chives (when chopping)
  • what to pair with duck and lamb
  • how to make a simple onion jam

All and all, the class was casual, informative and friendly. Prospective future attendees shouldn’t expect a very hands-on experience, as the Eggshells setting doesn’t allow for it, but personally, I’ve always enjoyed just sitting back, relaxing and learning from an expert. Classes at Eggshells typically cost around $50 per person and are 1.5-2 hours in length. For more information on upcoming events, click on their site.
*Attendance was complimentary, but opinions are my own.

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