Core Argenta Gets Facelift, Adds New Menu

There’s been a lot of changes at the Core Brewing Argenta Public House lately, and the most recent few will have you itching to play ping pong and darts as well as make your mouth water. These days the pub has a new food menu along with updated tables, chairs, and games to boot.

The current spread is an ode to pub food, and is headed up by Chef Mike Lanphere. Although new to the neighborhood, Lanphere has already fallen in love with the Argenta community. He says, “I have been generally touched by how welcome people have made me feel here in the food community,” nodding toward Four Quarter Bar, Skinny J’s, and downtown North Little Rock as a whole.

In terms of the food, think quality, original, yet familiar. Lanphere says of the dishes, “I was just trying to keep it simple – make something you want to eat while drinking a good beer – with a little twist.”

From shareable chorizo tacos to a solid Cuban sandwich, Lanphere definitely hits the high points. Plus, he’s taking that extra step to ensure you’re getting quality dishes. He grinds his burger meat in-house and buys fresh and local as often as possible.

If you’re looking for a solid dish to share, opt for the Wings or the Hilltop Pretzel. The wings come packed with flavor thanks to the included Korean Barbecue Sauce and Lime Cilantro Aioli. The pretzel is all about the beer cheese, as Lanphere explains – “It’s made with bacon, red onion, garlic and our Hilltop IPA.”

If you’re looking for something a little more substantial, go with the Cubano or the Bratwurst. Both come with house-cut fries and are packed with flavor. The Cubano is made from in-house smoked pork shoulder, and the Brat is prepared in Core’s Behemoth Pilsner. Lanphere explains, “It’s the little things like smoking the meat in-house that add freshness to the dishes.”

Head down to Core, relax in the new digs, and try a bite. Erin Vickers, Pub/Market Manager, says, “We wanted for people to be able to chill out and relax and play and have fun together. It’s great when you see people set their phones down and actually enjoy one another.”

Lanphere, says, “I hope people come down, of course Core beers are amazing, I think that now that we have a good menu that go along with the beers – and what Erin has done with the front of the house is amazing.”

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Author: Becca

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