Crazy King Burrito is Bringing Authentic Flavors to Little Rock this Summer

Little Rock will be one of the first locations for a new authentic burrito restaurant coming to Arkansas this summer. Crazy King Burrito is opening at 401 South Bowman Rd (former Whimsy Cookie location) and brings authentic flavors rooted in their original Cozumel based location.

The food will feature a solid mix of burritos all leveraging family recipes developed by the Gonzalez family who started the original Cozumel, Mexico location in 2012. All of the burritos on the menu use fresh ingredients and tortillas made fresh in house daily. Along with their regular burritos they offer breakfast burritos, a selection of salsas, desserts, and authentic Mexican drinks. Additionally any burrito can be made into a bowl option.

This is only the third location for the small restaurant franchise to be located in the United States. They have two locations in Mexico along with a location in Ohio and another in Michigan.

Crazy King Burrito is hiring now ahead of opening for manager roles including general manager, assistant manager, and kitchen lead. If interested, contact Sara Bolanos at Central Arkansas Hospitality & Consulting at

*full disclosure, Crazy King Burrito is a commercial real estate client of our Rock City Commercial @ Keller Williams brand

Full Press Release

A fresh, healthy, and delicious new restaurant is coming to 401 South Bowman Road in Little Rock called Crazy King Burrito! Using only the best family recipes passed down for generations, this new U.S. franchise specializes in making the same burritos served in the original restaurant in Cozumel, Mexico.

From the crowd-pleasing Crispy Cali loaded with breaded chicken, beans, rice, and avocado, to the spicy Chorizo y Papa featuring a kicky mix of sausage, potatoes, and egg, Crazy King Burrito has something for every taste bud. Also on the menu is a wide variety of Mexican beverages including Jamaica, a hibiscus-flavored iced tea, and horchata, a popular, creamy, cinnamon rice milk drink.

The official opening for the new restaurant is scheduled for this summer. Orders can be made in person or online, and the small dining room will be open to the public.

“Our team is very excited to offer authentic Mexican recipes to this community,” stated Crazy King Burrito franchise owner Dr. Atif Khan. “Our menu answers that breakfast, lunch, or dinner question in a way that’s not only quick and affordable but also super healthy–we make everything fresh every day instead of warming up meals that have been shipped frozen from miles away.”

Crazy King Burrito is passionate about helping customers see and taste their enthusiasm for authentically delicious Mexican food. They value their heritage, founded by the Gonzalez family in 2012 on the island of Cozumel, and strive to meet the founder’s high standards for fresh ingredients and friendly, professional service.

For more information on the menu and the restaurant please visit


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