Dear Guy Fieri, Here are 10 Spots You Should have Hit in Your Visit to Little Rock

Dear Guy,
First off, thanks for making a visit to our fine state. It is no big secret you are running around town filming Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, we are very happy to have you here. Yes, it was one of the last few states you have not visited, but maybe you saved the best until the end.
I do not know the full list of places you visited, but from social media, being extremely plugged into the local food scene, and actually sitting in on one of the shoots (don’t worry, your team overlooked me for a pretty girl who had never actually been to the spot in question before) I can deduce fairly well what you hit. All of the spots are fine places, and I am extremely happy you are able to use your brand to highlight them.
While the spots you picked were great, we love all of them, there are some spots that fit the Triple D brand as good are better. So before you run out of town, or when you plan your next trip, hit up some of these places.
1. Lassis Inn
The Pitch: Lassis in is a historic spot tucked away in a residential area of Little Rock. It was a very critical location during the civil rights period of Little Rock, it is said that Daisy Bates would meet with other civil rights leaders at Lassis and helped organize the Little Rock Nine from this very location. Inside you will find some of the best fried catfish around along with buffalo fish ribs that are very unique to the location.
2. K-Hall and Son’s Produce
The Pitch: K Hall started as a family farm that would bring produce up to an abandon cinderblock building in an old part of Little Rock during the 70’s. The popularity grew big and they eventually bought the building. Later they began serving up food using some of their products and other things the locals enjoyed. They have burgers, fried chicken, greens, and other classic southern items. The real gem though is Seafood Saturday where they do seafood boils using seasonal seafood along with turkey necks and other ingredients.
3. At the Corner
The Pitch: The all-female (except for the occasional visit from their dad) driven diner has become a Little Rock staple in nearly four years since opening. Lines on Saturday and Sunday are wrapped around the block for their brunch. The food is rooted in southern style, but the real gems come from their Canadian-born chef who produces some of the only truly authentic Canadian dishes in the south.
4. Midtown Billiards
The Pitch: Say the word dive in Little Rock and everyone automatically thinks Midtown. The historic pool hall is famous for their burgers, which only get better as the night goes on. That is saying a lot for a place that closes at 5am. There is no dive quite as beloved as Midtown, and no burger as revered as the Mid-town Burger.
5. Four Quarter
The Pitch: The next closest to Midtown in terms of dive is Four Quarter. It should come as no surprise that it is a sister bar of Midtown. The food menu is much more expansive here, with some of the best pulled pork in Little Rock. You can also find their take on the Midtown Burger, but try the Spam, Egg, and Cheese just for kicks.

6. Mike’s Cafe
A dive serving up some amazing pho? How did you guys miss this, it is right up your alley. The pho is some of the best in the state, as is some of the Vietnamese items. It is certainly one worth hitting up.
7. kBird
The Pitch: Look, I am not as traveled as you for sure, but I have had Thai food all over the country. kBird is as good as they come. Plus it is unique in that they focus on a very street food version of Thai, something that is considerably different than 99% of other Thai restaurants in the country. It is tucked away in an old house in a residential neighborhood with quite possibly the most uncomfortable chairs on earth. It screams Triple D.
8. Monkey Burger
The Pitch: I know, I know. You must get tired of burgers. Just try it. To start the burger is absolutely massive and delicious burger. It is two large patties, around a pound each. The location is so dive-y that most Little Rockers do not even know where it is.
9. HB’s BBQ
The Pitch: There is a famous bbq place from Little Rock called the Shack. It closed years ago and the big debate in Little Rock is who actually owns the Shack’s recipes. I never had the shack, but I’ve had all the contenders, there is nothing quite like HBs in my opinion. Hit it up on Tuesdays for Rib day for some of the best ribs around, or grab their chopped pork any day. Oh, and bring your GPS, it is tucked in the back of an old historic neighborhood, you will never just run across this without looking for it.
10. Delucas Pizzeria (Hot Springs)
The Pitch: Like Thai, I’ve eaten pizza everywhere in this fine country. In my top 5 is a little dive right down the road from Little Rock called Delucas Pizzeria. The owner, Tony, is a guy that easily rivals you in terms of personality. He was a Wallstreet guy living in Brooklyn when he got tired of the grind and wanted to start a pizza place. It is a long story better told by Tony, but he made his way to Little Rock and makes the best damn pizza around. It is something between a Brooklyn style and a Neapolitan Style, with the perfect crust and premium toppings. Stay for the flour hug when you go.

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