Did Mike Huckabee Steal Book Title from White Supremacy Presidential Candidate?

Mike Huckabee’s latest book God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy is pitched as a perfect expression of Huckabee’s style and background.

Friend of Rock City Times, Forbidden Hillcrest alerted us to the fact that the slogan may not be entirely original to Huckabee however. The slogan came from Bo Gritz, a former white supremacy figure and presidential candidate.

Gritz ran his presidential campaign under the slogan “God, Guns and Gritz”. Sound familiar? Sure, Huckabee added gravy to his book, but the structure and similarity is a little eery.

Gritz ran as a vice-presidential candidate in 1988 as the running mate to former KKK grand wizard David Duke. Then again ran in 1992.

Way to go Huck. If you are going to plagiarize someone, at least do from someone smart like the former LRSD superintendent did. 

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