Dinner at Good Food by Ferneau; New Service Nights and Fresh Dishes

It is hard to believe that Good Food by Ferneau has been quietly trucking along at the north end of Argenta for exactly a year this month. They seem to be finding a groove and are now adding dinner service to Wednesday and Thursday nights.
The restaurant has traditionally done lunch service Tuesday-Friday, and dinners on Friday and Saturday nights. The new hours will run 10am – 10 pm Wednesdays, and 10am – 11:30 pm on Thursday.
Good Food has maintained dinner service since opening last year, although from people we talk to it seems few that we know personally have gotten out to try dinner there. It is a problem that has plagued downtown and Argenta restaurants for decades now. Little Rock people seem unwilling to go back downtown during the week for dinner. Which is really unfortunate given the great dining options downtown.

We decided to slip in last to see what Chef Donnie Ferneau and his crew have cooking. What we found was a very different vibe than the casual and quick-lunch service most people are familiar with in the space.
The feel is much more upscale, while still comfortable. A nice change of pace from the overly casual restaurants that have started over the last few years. The food is still very fresh and healthy, but without the feeling that you are eating healthy the entire time.
For those of you around Little Rock for a while, the food really is on par with the taste quality being put out in the heyday of Ferneau when he was located in Hillcrest. Some signature items still make an appearance such as his fried chicken, which he became known for in the old location.
There really is no reason Good Food or any downtown and Argenta eatery should be overlooked on any night of the week. Some great food being cooked for dinner and great bars serving drinks downtown (almost) every night of the week.
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