Don’t Be A Dip: Check Out These Top Cheese Dips In The Rock

How can you say no to warm, gooey cheese atop a crunchy chip? Spicy, meaty, tangy or even plain, there’s no wrong way to cheese dip. Accept – there are some ways better than others. Next time you’re out and in the mood for that delectable dip check out the following destinations.
Dizzy’s Gypsy Bistro: We’ve mentioned this before, but you absolutely have to try Dizzy’s Cheese Dip. Talk about rich taste in all the right ways. It’s a step shorter than crack in food form, and the creamy goodness stands to be a meal all its own, so good luck sharing.
The Fold Botanas & Bar: Get the Spicy White Cheese Dip and call me in the morning. Joking aside, this stuff is delectable and my go-to when I’m sitting on the patio enjoying a marg or two. It’s creamy and has a bite in all the right ways.
Loca Luna: Loca Luna’s cheese dip can trace the roots in some of Little Rock’s most legendary cheese dips. Owner Mark Abernathy has had his hand in some of the best cheese dips in the state with Juanita’s and Blue Mesa Grill, this dip is sort of the best of both. It is a white cheese dip with a strong mix of spices and different cheeses.
Rebel Kettle: Be sure to add some crawfish to your cheese dip here. It is the perfect meaty, cajun-y cheese dip blend. The dip itself is a solid cheese dip, especially when paired with a good beer. The house cut chips are not always ideal for dipping, but if you ask they will throw the dip and crawfish on top of some fries for some ultimate cheese fries.

Heights Taco & Tamale Co.: If you grew up in Little Rock, Heights Taco has probably won you over with a bit of nostalgia on their part. The cheese truly shines in this dish – which makes sense as the recipe features “Arkansas’ Legendary Five Cheese Dips.” Order it plain, which will more than suffice your craving, or try it with salsa, braised ground beef, braised beef chili, or get it with a tamale. Pro Tip: Order more than one if you’re sharing.
Buffalo Grill: We’re talking no frills here, but that doesn’t mean no taste. This is the true delicious stuff that’ll stick to your ribs. For something messy and a little meaty – go cheesy with the Chili Cheese Dip. It’ll have you feeling like you’re at a Southern cook-out. Pro Tip: Order the Cheesy Fries with the Chili Cheese Dip on top instead of regular melted Monterey Jack – you can thank us later.
Baja Grill: Baja Grill has that perfect white cheese dip that manages to satisfy everyone. Seriously, head to the Heights eatery with your cranky uncle, an indecisive friend or two and your Grams and you’ll still be likely to see everyone satisfied with a chip in this dip. Also, the chips are little lighter here which makes the experience all the more fun.
Mexico Chiquito: Chain or no, if you’ve never gotten take out of here with gobs and gobs of Cheese Dip you haven’t been living right. This stuff is addictive, cheesy, and the answer to even the worst of days you’ve ever weathered. Pro Tip: Share with a friend.
Lost Forty Brewing: There’s just something about a Cheese Dip with Petit Jean Bacon and a serious kick served in a cute little cast iron skillet. I honestly can’t remember the last time I was in the brewery and forwent the Cheese Dip. Give it a go, and don’t expect to share.
Stoby’s: This eatery is not technically in the Rock, but it seriously can’t go unnoted. Stoby’s Cheese Dip is all it’s cracked up to be and more, so take my word for it and find a way to get some in your belly. If you can’t choose between the Original or Spicy White, just get them both.
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